Gatta Go Gatta Leave- King Mswati's 12th Wife Kicked Out .

King Mswati’s 12th wife, who was in the limelight a while ago after allegedly being caught in bed with the justice minister, is at it again- this time kicked out of the palace after pepper-spraying a security guard.
Notando Dube, who goes by the royal name inkhosikati LaDube in the palace is said to have been ordered to vacate the royal palace by the governor Timothy Mtethwa. LaDube, 23, says that she was attempting to leave the palace to take her child to the hospital who had been injured while playing. The security guard however could not let her leave.
"He threatened to hit me, saying I am not going anywhere with my child, who was bleeding from a deep wound," she said.
An altercation ensued, forcing her to use pepper-spray to protect herself.
"I couldn't even take all my stuff when they kicked me out, because they just said 'you have to pack and leave now'," she said. Her children remain at the palace.
The king’s 12th wife, who was married to the palace when she was 16, has been under house arrest following her scandalous affair with the justice minister Ndumiso Mamba.
LaDube says that she has not seen her husband for almost over a year now. There are reports however that the eviction was ordered by the king because of earlier infidelity accusations against her. It is also whispered that Mswati was hoping to use his seclusion, a period during which he doesn't appear in public, as an alibi to pretend he had nothing to do with this eviction.
LaDube becomes the third queen to leave the royal household since 2004.

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