Rihanna's Video Banned in France .

As someone tweeted after Rihanna was chased out of the fields while she was shooting her latest video, it would only be days before it is banned from certain countries. And the prediction has come to pass for in France, daytime TV viewers termed it as ‘too raunchy’. Thus, the officials at the Supreme Audiovisual Council of France have banned it from airing before 10p.m because of its ‘explicit content’. The authorities specifically pointed out her self destructive behavior in the video- smoking cigarettes, shoplifting, being spanked and tattooed on the backside.
This is not the first time that the video has received a repulsive reaction. In Britain, and anti-rape group questioned the kind of message this video was sending to her fans. The video, they said, portrayed her as “an object to be possessed by men”. Her single, S&M has also been banned in 10 other countries.
Good girl still going bad.
Here is the video that was banned

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