JAGUAR a Kenyan Musician well known for his philanthropic character and his most viewed Kenyan song kigeugeu.This was my conversation with him

SEIF KABELELE: Kwanza tell the people, does the term "kuvuka border" in your
                           Song has a deeper meaning??
JAGUAR:           Kuvuka border it’s how I got blessed after hustling for long...simply    
                          The   Boundaries between me and poverty...

SEIF KABELELE.What inspired you to write hiyo nyimbo ya "kigeugeu??
JAGUAR: Kigeugeu inspiration is basically my life.. as in people talk alot good and
                bad about me bt when i was down nobody cared,,,instead of guyz being
                 Happy with my success they mad n hating'...and also wats happening    
                  today   In the society!
SEIF KABELELE:  Is there any difference between the jaguar now and the one way
JAGUAR: Alot...musically grown n mature...no earrings no blings.

SEIF KABELELE: What can you tell about your style of music???
JAGUAR:              Bongo /Kenya mix
SEIF KABELELE: Anyway do you drink alcohol if not y???
JAGUAR:       Never!!...Mara nyingi i stay sober maana it help me remain focused.
SEIF KABELELE: Have you done any collabo past Kenya or are you planning on any
                        ??  With who???
JAGUAR: A.y only....no plans
SEIF KABELELE: How does it feel having the most viewed kenyan Video on you    
                             Tube kigeugeu??
JAGUAR: Firstly Blessed thanks to my fans,ogopa and GOD
SEIF KABELELE: Which song do you perform most frequently???
JAGUAR: ....NIKUSKIZE Ndo mara nyingi i perform it most frequently
SEIF KABELELE  : Any beef wit prez???
JAGUAR:            No Seif,Sina beef na mtu....
SEIF KABELELE:  Any last words to your FANS??
JAGUAR: Have lots love for them and keep the support

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