Naledi Fashion House was established in 2008 by Tanzanian designer & creative entrepreneur, KemiKalikawe. Kalikawe, an Interior Designer by profession is inspired by all forms of design and creativity, and found fashion a natural progression from interior design and soft furnishings. Naledi which means "star” in Setswana is now an independent design company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. All collections are designed exclusively by KemiKalikawe, with the exception of choice selections from the students at the Naledi Fashion Institute, of which Kalikawe is also Founder. She is deeply passionate about mentoring and enabling the youth and helping young designers become more effective in their careers – a desire that filters through every aspect of her businesses.
Within the last 3 years Naledi has worked to promote young talent and growing the maturing Tanzanian fashion industry. In this effort Naledi has worked with different organizations like British Council for 2 years in its program WaPI Arts festival, looking for and nurturing young talent.  It’s worked with Alliance Fran├žaise, organizing a unique fashion show, combining fashion, traditional drum music, dancing choreographed models and young acrobats. Naledi has also worked with Goethe Institut organizing the first Fashion Round Table Discussion, the event brought together designers, retail business owners, fashion journalists/media and industry stakeholders like Basata, Cosota and local celebrities. Naledi is now working with Tanzania House of Talent (THT) to open the first fashion school in Tanzania. Naledi Fashion Institute was opened in February and is teaching fashion and entrepreneurship skills as well as promoting young talent from designers to models. 
In our endeavour to promoting the fashion industry and Tanzania’s young talent, Naledi is having a fashion show on the 3rd of March 2012 at Sea Cliff Hotel. The show ‘Vintage Catwalk’ is inspired by the 1940’s to 70’s fashion. Naledi would like to use its popularity and this platform to also showcase 4 young designers who otherwise would not have got this opportunity. Most fashion shows by designers are solo shows and so a chance like this for a upcoming designer is a big opening. This is an opportunity to showcase and sell their work and to gain new clients, majority of upcoming designers never make it big because they are rarely given a professional platform to showcase.  
Naledi Fashion House is committed to fair ethics and giving back to the community. Naledi Fashion Institute is from the 20th of February holding Fashion Club at its premises in Namanga. The Fashion Club is a fun way for young students to learn about fashion and fashion skills that will later generate an income. Our first group for Fashion Club is SOS Children’s Village, who will be coming once a week. To facilitate them coming we are having an action to raise money to cover their transport and food during their club days. Two glamorous dresses from Naledi will be on action, 50% of the proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Village.

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