'Many people in Australia- especially Africans – knew Kanumba as their role model, since everyone used to say” Kanumba said…” just to refer to him when sorting their discussions.
Most of us have not yet understood the reason of his death. Others do not believe that it is true he is dead and wish it was untrue. Oh, Steve! Elizabeth, cool down and say the truth because this could affect you. We watch everything on the internet. Stars should behave positively as the whole world is watching them. If you want to hide your matters, do not access youtube or face book. Pole sana Flora, Kanumba’s mum. Poleni sana wapenzi wa marehemu.' FROM AUSTRALIA

'Nos condoleances à tous les tanzaniens.kanumba,que ton ame repose en paix.joel kahehero en Bbo en RDC' FROM CONGO DRC
Too early!… Will miss you daily. May lord rest your soul in eternal life. Amen.....SAID ''RAMSEY NOUH' 
Hamida Suliman say's 'Today we grief and pay honor to the memory of a Multi Talented Tanzanian Artiste, Producer, Director and more importantly a Son a Brother.
I want to pay a personal tribute to My Friend our much loved Steven Charles Kanumba who left us in shock devastated and sadden by his sudden death.
Steven and I shared so much conversations these last few years and his parting leaves a void in my heart. I recall his laughter, his kind spirit and endless teasing. His friendship whenever I visited the shores of Dar-Es-Salaam his Karibu was so heartfelt that reflected the warm and loving people of Tanzania and even when I returned home and during his visit to South Africa he was an Ambassador of his country.
Steven had so much he wanted to achieve and that the tragedy when it was not for him but so others could benefit.
His Dreams were larger in Life and I just knew he was special. In his short time with us he left a wonderful inspiring legacy that will always remind us of the love and rare talent he shared with us.
Steven had a magnetic presence that came alive on television screens and AfricaMagic was honoured to have had showcased many wonderful films in which he made us laugh and cry and pained as love and passion was so like Steven while shyness overcame him when he smiled back at you off screen. I often wondered why but knew that was what made Steven who he was and why so many loved the Man he had become.
Who could resist his charm or professional expertise or the passion of his acting? I could not, nor wanted to for I loved his kind and gentle heart and tenderness when we first met at Gabriel’s office. As we walked and talked about life and the movie industry he had such awesome dreams and wanted to do so much for the industry and upcoming artistes. One got the sense he felt time was not on our side and Steven my friend only now can I fully appreciate the concern you voiced at the time.
Steven tried to teach me Swahili and I was hopeless but he never gave up on me. He was convinced I could do it I knew I just loved the way he cared regardless.
Steven my heart aches that you are not here to tell me it’s okay and that tomorrow we will try again.
How will it be okay when our tomorrow is not yours?
You left so soon and now walk in God’s Divine Presence and I pray you find the Love and Peace you were seeking my dear friend.
Your movies will be my companion when I am lost or miss you but they can not replace our friendship and you have my respect always. So how then Steven do I continue to smile and carry on when you not here?
Be at Peace my dearest Steven you are much loved and we will miss you and when we do a tear or two will surely fall for who can ever forget a Rafiki like You?
Asante Sana for a beautiful friendship Laleni Salama ,Sleep well Steven you promised me a masterpiece instead you broke my heart by leaving, not even a kwa heri goodbye.
And when you glance back if only for a while know your loving friendship was appreciated.
God called and you home in Heaven now Rest in Perfect Peace and may Allah SWT Merciful Grace Grant You Janaat-ul-Firdose Inshallah.
To your esteemed Kanumba family, your friends and loved ones , the Tanzanian Film Industry and your fans my most sincere condolences, our thoughts and prayers and duas are with you during this time. Asante for loving Steven and sharing him with us for your loss is Africa’s loss and we will miss Steven immensely for he was special and his amazing talent made a mark and will continue to inspire.
This is not goodbye Kwa Heri but Laleni Salama
Steven for your beautiful memory remains forever in our hearts.
Your Friend/Rafiki Hamida Suliman

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