Seif Kabelele: Tell those who don’t know about you,your background in brief..
Johnson Lujwangana: My name is Johnson Lujwangana, I was born in Kibaha au Dar and I grew up in Bukoba. Since like age 3 or 4 I was raised by my grandmother, well two grandmothers  but my favorite was my grandmother's sister. She had no kids but she took care of all  of  us while my mom was still in the U.S. Right now am 25 years old and just living day to day. I   attended boarding school in UGANDA for five years and been in New York since 98.
Seif Kabelele and Johnson Lujwangana
Seif Kabelele,Cynthia Masasi Mziray,Rich.M. and Johnson Lujwangana

 Seif Kabelele:  What are your favourite memories?
Johnson Lujwangana:   My favorite memories are those I share with my family and closest friends. One of my recent fond memories was going out one nite to Maisha with Nuru Magram a.k.a Nuru the light & Martin and we stayed up till dawn. Also remember that day you (Seif kabelele) and Kahema Madafa picked me up and we had a ball enjoyin  beers and food at Richie Mziray and Cynthia Masasi's  crib. I basically enjoy every minute that I breath even when life sucks and am sad I still cherish those moments.
Seif Kabelele: What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Johnson Lujwangana:  My greatest achievement so far, well I don't really think I've achieved anything more than the regular person. I am most proud of being able to be considered TANZANIAN and people allowing me to work with them. I love when I am able to EARN someone's trust, the rest is in the future.
Seif Kabelele:  What is your greatest extravagance?
Johnson Lujwangana:  My greatest EXTRAVAGANCE, wow. Well am not the baller type, my money is usually very short and it comes and goes quickly. Am tryin to build a brand & concrete business module lakini my greatest indulgence has been on women. One time at SUE's RENDEZVOUS I spent $1,200 in one nite. Wasn't my money sorry I found it in the place. Google SUE's first, and another is a dinner date that cost me almost $380 after which the girl said she wasn't interested. Ouuuuch! UNLESS a woman says these three words, "I LIKE YOU" do not spend any cash for anything. Opposite of a bank, she has to show INTEREST before u spend MONEY.
Seif Kabelele: What values do you live by?
Johnson Lujwangana:  The values I live by are pretty simple, each day I wake up I have to accomplish something before my eyes close. Hard work, honesty and a bit of compassion for others goes a long way. I love my family and friends till the end.

Seif Kabelele:  If you could be an animal,which one would it be and why?
Johnson Lujwangana:  If I was an animal I think I'd become a LION or any other species like GORILLAS, CHIMPS where pologomy is kool and accepted. Well as long as you take care of your responsibilities. Or on the flip end I would wonna be a PENGUIN bcuz they keep the same MATE for life, these suckers don't cheat. Till death do them apart. I like extreme commitment but as long as it serves a purpose other than LOVE. Like makin money pamoja, owning businesses, raising up young OBAMAS. Things of that sort.
Seif Kabelele:  What do you dislike about yourself?
Johnson Lujwangana:  What do I dislike about MYSELF? Agggggggh maybe nothing. I have flaws but I learned how to embrace em. Like me and lateness, it's kool.

Seif Kabelele:  What do you dislike about others?
Johnson Lujwangana:  I don't really dislike anyone, I give everyone a fair chance to become acquainted and I just keep positive people around me
Seif Kabelele:  When and where are you happiest?
Johnson Lujwangana:   I am happiest chilling wit my nephews and being with my sister in Kinondoni. She's a great role model keeps me humble and always KEEPS it REAL with me. Also she's the only person on this EARTH that I won't argue with. Am jus happy chillin wit those ppl.

Seif Kabelele:  Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Johnson Lujwangana:  Aggggh am usually verbally abusing people bcuz of my line of work so I dont think u wonna kno my repeated words or phrases. Lakini Mjing, Fala, STUPID, IDIOT all these things I use on a constant basis

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