Cynthia Masasi Born and raised in Mwanza Tanzania. Ambitious, intelligent, classy and sexy: Cynthia Masasi has been catching the attention of the entertainment industry since appearing on the scene in 2006. Whether she is gracing the pages of the hottest magazines on the newsstands, Cynthia Masasi has made her presence known in three short years in an industry that only guarantees a mere “15 minutes” to shine.Beginning in 2006, she has been in high demand for work in music videos, appearing in videos with T.I, Juvenile, Jazze Pha, Rick Ross, and many more. Even though Cynthia Masasi’s success can be contributed to her many appearances in hip-hop and rap music videos, she has voiced her opinion that music videos as a whole are demeaning to women. She took time out from this and start taking acting classes in LOS ANGELES CA, Cynthia graduated from NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY.Chuo hiko its one of the best acting school’s in the whole world.Cynthia ameonekana kwenye Movie kama SEVERED INN which premiered in March 6th 2010. Ms. Masasi counts landing a role in this movie it’s a dynamic experiences to date. She Also was featured in an African Movie called “REBOUND ” March 2010 Cynthia or “Mama Mziray” enjoys reading, traveling and attending the theatre.Cynthia remains the same “sweet, down to earth person, who talks a lot, loves to laugh and have a good time and attends church every other Sunday to remain spiritually focused.And for those who have ever had the pleasure of meeting her and seen how her smile lights up a room, been in her presence and witnessed her star quality, or are privileged enough to actually know her can agree: no name fits her better…for she is sincerely, Cynthia Masasi. Excelling on camera, Cynthia always captivated her audience growth in personal and professional development. Growing up she was a very good basketball player ,In every school she attended she was the star of the team,she always wanted to be an actress. Napenda sana msemo wa dada yangu huyu ”Make your haters your motivators!!!” Tausi Likokola was born in the beautiful East African country of Tanzania and for many years has lived in both Europe and America. She has worked with many world-class designers such as Gucci, Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfinger, Issey Miyake and Escada. She has also graced and covers dozens of international fashion magazines. Tausi is also co-founder and president of TAF - Tausi Aids Fund, a not-for-profit organization whose focus is improving education and health care for Africa’s Children.In 2000, she published the popular booklet “The Art of Beauty and Health”. Tausi is a sought after motivational speaker and writer, who is well respected in the fashion industry. Her first novel, “The African Princess” was launched in Tanzania in 2004 and became the number one bestseller in that country. In 2009 Tausi published two books “Beautiful You” and “The Touch of an Angel”.Tausi uses her experience and her book "Beautiful You" to encourage young girls in "Beautiful You" workshops.Pengine yeye ndio miongoni mwa warembo wa mwanzo kabisa kuiweka Tanzania katika ramani ya dunia katika masuala ya urembo. Anaitwa Tausi Likokola.Modeling was the last thing in her mind; it came on the right moment. She was so focused with her studies at the university when the opportunity came along and somehow it took over everything.Let me Tell you Seif Kabelele: Modeling is a booming career in Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and many others Countries. Longtime ago, it wasn't accepted as a 'career' but now it is, what advice Would you give to young girls who look up to you and want venture into this' modeling World'? Tausi Likokola: Network with positive crowds and have a back-up plan like school etc. Being positive and smart will only compliment your career and no one will ever take away your education.

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