We are still in shock about the news reaching us that Nigerian singer Goldie Harvey is dead. Details of her death are still sketchy but media reports say she passed on last night at Reddington Hospital, Victoria Island, Lagos in the arms of her close friend, Denrele.

Goldie had just returned to Nigeria from the U.S where she attended the Grammy Awards with her record label, Kennis Music boss, Kenny Ogungbe. Kenny St. Best, an artiste also under Kennis Music confirmed the news to some Nigeria’s Bloggers
She said “It’s true. I still can’t believe it. I’m still in shock.”
The sad news was posted on her Facebook Page a while ago:

Before we go further, the death of Goldie Harvey is now confirmed. Mr Dayo D1 Adeneye, a friend of Kenny Ogungbe claimed Goldie died of Pneumonia.
Last night we learnt Nigerian singer Goldie Harvey is dead after a tweet from her official Twitter handle claimed she passed away at Reddington hospital in Victoria Island hours after her arrival from the United States Of America.
See the tweet that started the own thing below:
“It is with heavy heart that I have to inform you all that Goldie passed this night shortly after arriving Lagos from LA. May her soul rest in the eternal peace of the Lord – Admin!!”
This is Goldie’s ADMIN WRITING please accept what has happened and pray for her soul, in death we are all equal no matter our beef
The tweet came from her official Twitter page and an hour later another tweet came from the same Twitter handle and it states: “We will miss you – ADMIN
Now confirmed!! RIP Goldie
She was brought in at 7:55 DEAD! Pls stop the F**king Rumours! Reddington hospital was not to blame!
Hearing them make mortuary Arrangements…. I have dieddddd! Please Lord this is Real! Have Mercy on her Soul!
Reddington hospital! Even the doctor is Crying! So Many Questions! An autopsy will tell us better!
Dear Lord please let this Goldie gist not be true please God! @DENRELE_EDUN pls bro pick your phone!!!

Rapper Eva also confirmed Goldie’s death
Eva Alordiah 3UD ‏@EvaAlordiah Yea RT @phatyma_riri: @EvaA take heart sweerie saw u cryin…twas sad. I loved her too buh God knws best. Al u can do rite nw is pray 4 her
The final confirmation on Goldie Harvey death came from a guy who visited Reddington hospital where Goldie Harvey died last night.
Here are some Tweets from N6OFLIFE
*left a while ago! By now her Body should be on d way 2d Mortuary!* @HoneyJWillis: @N6OFLIFE na wa o are u in d hospital
Let’s wait few more hours for more updates from Kenny Ogungbe who went to the hospital and Denrele Edun on Goldie Harvey’s death.

Pneumonia Killed Goldie Harvey

Back to Dayo D1 Adeneye’s confirmation, Pneumonia might have killed Goldie Harvey that resulted in breathing difficulty.
Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung—affecting primarily the microscopic air sacs known as alveoli. It is usually caused by infection with viruses or bacteria and less commonly other microorganisms, certain drugs and other conditions such as autoimmune diseases.Typical symptoms include a cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty breathing.
May her soul rest in perfect peace!

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