Born and raised in BONGO, the so called Dar es Salaam,Tanzania.Typically Tanzania and very conservative….Positive, goal oriented and loyal to authority here’s PRUDENCE…

‘’I think I'm a two careers single journey person. The screen was something i started dreaming of in the last 17 years of my 24 years on earth.

I always loved to be on TV though was never sure what i wanted exactly. Later i fell in love with news, and wanted to be a news anchor like the famous Betty Mkwasa then. Joined the University, and did something different, however i later got lucky and was employed on part time basis @ EATV where i am to date.’’

I host a competitive, youthful show on Ea TV, which is basically a platform for youths to share experiences, learn what they do not know, identify their problems and find solutions. 5 Connect airs every Wednesday @7pm only on EA TV.

News anchoring is also what i do on radio. Wit the the English news.’’……..Prudence

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