Tausi Likokola was born in Tanzania and for many years has lived in both Europe and America. She has worked with many world-class designers such as Gucci, Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfinger, Issey Miyake and Escada. She has also graced and covers dozens of international fashion magazines. Tausi is also co-founder and president of TAF - Tausi Aids Fund, a not-for-profit organization whose focus is improving education and health care for Africa’s Children.
In 2000, she published the popular booklet “The Art of Beauty and Health”. Tausi is a sought after motivational speaker and writer, who is well respected in the fashion industry. Her  first novel, “The African Princess” was launched in BONGO  2004 and became the number one bestseller in Tanzania . In 2009 Tausi published two books “Beautiful You” and “The Touch of an Angel”.Tausi uses her experience and her book "Beautiful You" to encourage young girls in "Beautiful You" workshops.
~People always come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Make it a mission that they leave better than when you found them…if possible closer to their purpose and life goal. Through my book and mentorship program for young girls “Beautiful You”, I have been blessed to share my experience and lift my girls closer to their dreams. Every now and then I will get that phone call or message of appreciation, and I’m thankful in return to know God used me in that person’s life. Yesterday I celebrated with one of my girls Tavaya who just made it to New York to further her career in the fashion industry and today is another day to spend time with Erika. It will be another ‘Beautiful Sunday’, off to church with my family, lunches, photo shoot, movies and ice-creams. Stay blessed and bless someone else, life is a circle~....TAUSI

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