He is Sagittarian brother from Kiwalani-Dar es salaam known as GEORGE KYOMUSHULA borned 26years ago, is the one of the few brothers here in AFRICA whom was capable enough to go at the middle of the unknown place just to find himself after struggled enough to reach a path which could lead him to experience the meaning of life and the term fact of being a man whom will be in need in future to take care of his own family as a FATHER….George Kyomushula as his African name <Mtalemwa> means KEEP AHEAD UP ,NEVER GIVE UP...shoot his way forward to reach his dreams,he comes and go when the things dont blow..he was off Compass Communication Ltd where he was skillful trained to be mult task by Maria Sarungi,he let it go his position of Assistant Producer and Researcher of the company,he spent only one and ahalf month in Dar es salaam before he live for good back to Arusha.
He was one of the peer age brother whom young folks like us we can learn a lot from him, George from mid class family found a bit about himself after he experience hard knock life style in Dar es salaam, soon after graduated secondary school, he enforced to look for a job so he can be able to handle his financial problems as a young man, and that was the beginning of a further step he started to take in order to reach the path of success, as a radical brother he expelled from the fine gig he had in Kilimanjaro International Airport where he got a job as a customer care in one of the well known DUTY FREE SHOP right there in Kilimanjaro… In August 2013, George Kyomushula returned back to his favorite region, where he was living there for 2years before volunteering social works at UAACC.
This youngman with strong open mind, returned back to Arusha for the same reason of working with the community but ths time as freelancer,he met 2 ladies <Swedish & Tanzanian> whom were working together on independent project known TIA NURU,at the same weird time he was volunteering as writer and photographer at S.U.A -Saving the Underground Artists <cypher,freestyle and grafitti art session>located at Kijenge Juu where Watengwa Records based.
 He got the spirit due to the fact of hard knock life ,living broke with no job was bothering em a lot which led him got into crushes with his father, whom was after his feet often to force em to get outta of the hood to start look for a job, he did but things couldn’t work out the way supposed to be, so he seen to evacuate the harassment from his father whom was quiet rude to understand how hard to find a job even if it will be like the one with a form of plantation, I mean a job which the payment might be not be able to buy even a GIN, this young fella decided to join the local NGO in his neck of the wood (KIWALANI) the N.G.O was focusing on taking care the orphans and street  children, George decided to volunteer as a ENGLISH TEACHER of the those young kids, he did all that to avoid spending time at home work for nothing yet  his relationship and his father were no good cause of being useless at home for not having a job.

He did the volunteering for months and months while he was applying for a job into millions of companies though he didn’t even have qualifications, he did that cause he wanted to accomplish his goals and as we all know cash rules everything around us. He got a job, and he unluckily he messed it up for the fact of being so radical, worked with foreigners some of them takes an African people like KUNTA KINTE, and my boy George couldn’t take it…bang! Hangs blew up.

Then all over suddenly in 1st Sept. 2013 George Kyomushula established his own project,known as Arusha Poetry Club, it's monthly program which used to happen two times in a month at Arusha Masai C@fe <Italian Restaurant nearby AICC)


George Kyomushula with the support of U.A.A.C.C managed to get a project going over six times within 3months, and in January.2013 got a full sponsorship frm French Cultural N.G.O known Alliance Francaise Arusha, he still proceed with his poetry sessions into 2 venues at Arusha,his main dream is to make poets getting paid through treasure of Poetry, still working hard to make that dream becoming implements poetry foundations in local schools at Arusha,like School of St. Jude where he was there soon this year with legendary hip hop mc frm Watengwa Jacob Makalla a.k.a JCB

When he was doing his multiple things, George Kyomushula turned back his another favorite hobby of taking pictures,she led him surviving as freelance,and he dared take a try to participate into an internationally photography competition under Alliance Francaise worlwide,competition known as JOBS IN THE WORLD, by using his cousin Evance Kyomushula CANNON G11 George won the title as best photographer of the competition at Arusha,and directly had a ticket to participate into grand finale of that JOBS IN THE WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION in Paris France while his photos were on exhibition at Arusha Art Gallery for 2 weeks,each one fixed price USD 1200.

He still doing things and positively he does. while his arrival in Dar at this month <MAY 2013> is primary implement of pan africanism patriotic agricultural investment movements towards agricultular sector with 90% affiliates local frm Tanzania, with Gonex Service Ltd company established in United Kingdom, George Kyomushula and his comrade George Stanley with team Gonex are about to officially create such an awareness for the local tanzanians and ones from diaspora towards an importantce of investing in Agricultural sector..Y'ALL STAY TUNED!

 George in KIA half desert far from home, while pockets are still empty though he was living with his cousin called EVANCE whom was baling at that time cause he had fine job, this brother (George) once again took a risky for left the house of his cousin and get himself interior of ARUSHA village known IMBASENI VILLAGE after have a link with former EX CHAIRMAN OF BLACK PANTHER PARTY from KANSAS CITY CHAPTER..Black Panther Party was an Afro American party in early 60’s formed for the civil rights movement of Black People at that time...It was formed by HUEY P NEWTON and BOBBY SEALE, google about it BLACK PANTHER PARTY….let get going to our story.

George met  70years old man known as PETE O’NEAL who is living in exile at ARUSHA, Pete was former chairman of BLACK PANTHER PARTY in KANSAS CITY, these guys became friends and GEORGE decided to settle at Pete’s place there in rural village of Imbaseni-ARUSHA .Pete is a founder of Nonprofit Organization known UNITED AFRICAN ALLIANCE COMMUNITY CENTER, where became a new home of GEORGE KYOMUSHULA whom few months ago was struggling volunteering in DAR ES SALAAM back in 2008 just to stay away from the fact of known as JOBLESS.


 As a second phase volunteer George started to Volunteer as English Teacher of the UAACC ENGLISH CLASSES, he taught and taught for free which built em in good way of continue the spirit of helping peoples though he was seeking for help at the same place. Education program which UAACC host are FREE English classes, Computer Classes, and Music classes which one of the illiest Kenyan Music producer brother Akula Akwabi a.k.a DUNGA was one of the first MUSIC TEACHER, in details that nonprofit organization UAACC is well known in ARUSHA for promoting young folks to reach the road of success by believe on what they seeks and follow what their hearts tells them to go..UAACC promoted early HIP HOP MCS in Tanzania like X PLASTAZ, WATENGWA, CHINDO,JCB,ALWATAN KWERE,KALAMASHAKA member KAMAU of UKOO FLANI MAUMAU, and last couple years M1 of DEAD PREZ from US visited the center when they were working on a documentary known as NI WAKATI,.

Through that this dude started to see a light within his thoughts that one day he will reach where he want to go, few months later though he was still a volunteer he became the COORDINATOR of FREE EDUCATION PROGRAMS which are down by UAACC..he continue to web weave the hype network with different type of people especially from U.S  most of them are revolutionaries of back in the days when MARTIN LUTHER KING and MALCOM X fights for civil rights, This young man turned to be one of the most radical POET, and WRITER inspiration from his friend and elder sister MAMA CHARLOTTE HILL O’NEAL wife of PETE O’NEAL whom is also a POETESS, and artist with no boundaries, she taught him how to achieve many different things in life, yet she is the one whom turned GEORGE to be a poet,writer,photographer,percussion in her band, yet George was the teacher of different classes even physical education (Basket ball coacher of UAACC students team) George started to discover himself.



As a coordinator of United African Alliance Community Center this young man had a close tie friend with 2Pac Shakur  Godfather whom was living with UAACC FAMILY in a same village there in ARUSHA, George was introduced to GERONIMO JI JAGGA whom was formed top leader of Black Panther Party in LOS ANGELS where Ji jagga sentenced 27 years in PRISON for the crime which he didn’t committed, Geronimo  Elmer Pratt as his second name decided to shift from U.S.A to ARUSHA Tanzania after won a case and found not guilty, he decided to shift in AFRICA after  his friend PETE O’NEAL whom is still in exile here in Tanzania, Geronimo shifted  to TANZANIA and worked with the UAACC to empower the community there in ARUSHA,Geronimo lived in ARUSHA for couple years till last year when he passed away….Geronimo died last year 2011 and in his will he didn’t want his body to be taken back in STATES so was burned in respect and his ashes scattered in Lake Victoria and Mountain Kilimanjaro, and George Kyomushula was selected by the elders and close family and friends of Geronimo Ji Jagga to take the ashes of his friend and go scattered them in lake Victoria.

He is an activist which you can tell through his articles and his poems, he always talks about Malcom X and some socialism doctrines, he is down for changes and composes amazing quotes of himself  talking about PAN AFRICANISM, LIFE , STRUGGLES and different type of things which if you are lazy on thinking you will get bored..Lol… but I don’t, he teaches with example like cousin of Jesus.

-A picture of himself when he was 24 is hanging on a wall of national Library ofBOSTON UNIVERSITY in U.S.A as the best picture taken from Africa; picture was taken by one of the American student whom was a student of photograph.

-He abandoned the admission from UNIVERSITY OF DAR ES SALAAM which he applied to go study certificate of Law, why he did that? He doubted would score first class as he wished to do it so he can get a full government sponsorship.

-He is still in a relationship with his girlfriend ever since he was 19 years old till now.

-He never got busted though he operates his own company of supplying chicken meats in the hotels while it wasn’t registered in Tanzania Revenue Authority.

-He tried to do millions things to achieve success for 10 years and only one plan he did, it has got flying color this year after got a job in Dar es salaam.

-He has no enemy neither best friend though he does have friend.

-He doesn’t go out in Dar es Salaam because he still lives in his parents’ house.

Because we are FOLKS of the people, who like doing what we like DOESN’T who likes who DISLIKES….we both like Spreading our WINGS and fly high and higher with our wings, we TALK and LISTEN yet we LISTEN what we talk……WE LOVE workin for FUN, coz our SOULS ARE DEDICATED to the PEOPLE, THE chemistry within led US to be FRIENDS to friends till Now………

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