For the voters who initially considered how stunning and hot the nominees are before casting their votes are this time in trouble. All this week’s Nominees are excessively hot and the bonds they have in the House are worthy to keep in them in the game.
Dillish, Feza,Hakeem, Koketso and LK4 are nominated for possible eviction on Sunday and if I’m to consider the old way of African voting (basing on the looks), this time voters  will face problems on who to keep in the chase.
For the power of love in the chase, one would keep LK4 and Koketso(Koki) so that they get a chance to know each other more. Still on the same note, voters would keep Hakeem in the game to give him a living hope of meeting Cleoagain for which he has been sulking since his swap to the Diamond House.
Then out of the love triangles, a real Big Brother lover would like to keep Feza in the house to see how bitter will her relationship with Betty in the House get after she survives this eviction. As of now Betty and Feza are not the best of friends after Feza tried to mess with Betty’s stay in the chase paired with a trial to separate her from the man she loves (Bolt). This raises some speculation with viewers eagerly anticipation what will unfold next between the two lasses.
Dillish.… Now this delicious  Namibian princess is among the top  5 “Must be saved” Housemates if we are to consider her look. The lass  is is stunningly hot and everyone is waiting who she’ll hot with. This reason is just enough to keep her in the game to see her next move.
All in all, we all know that let come Sunday,at least one of the five nominees will be booted out of the Big Brother House and we also know that  those who vote basing on the looks are in big trouble.
If we are to take a brief look at some of the Nominations, putting  the lovebirds LK4 and Koki on the chopping block, was one big move and by the magic of Africa’s votes, the two might be separated or both ousted! ….. But we have to wait and see what will happen on Sunday.
Apiece of advise  I would like to tell the fans , viewers and voters ahead of this week’s eviction, is to vote basing on how  the chasers have played the game…. The chase is on…

Dillish,Feza,Hakeem, Koketso and LK4 are on the block, who do you think will Africa save?

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