SPORAH NJAU, is an award-winning the best TV Presenter of the year 2010.
In the city of London here comes a young vibrant lady full of life and enthusiasm always ready to go above her abilities to deliver the best. Miss Sporah Njau believes you can do it. Her positive spirit led her to an unending array helping young people in the community to speak out in different issues.
Miss Njau is a hardworking lady who believes in education more than anything else, with a heart of her career as a TV presenter/producer.
Sporah came from a humble background to become one of the African most influential lady in United Kingdom. She has amassed a great fortune through her media interests and uses her TV Show to positively influence of the young generation.
Sporah Njau, who has a background in business and higher education, has lived in United Kingdom for seven years. She has a High National Diploma in TV Presenting, BTEC in Business and Finance and HND in Accounting and Business Management.
Business was her foundation; her 1st business while studying was 2005. She started her online retail, selling Wigs, hair extension and African Sandals.  As she heads up the accelerated degree programs, Sporah found her passion in TV Presenting. In 2010 Sporah achieved her Bachelor Degree in International Business Management from London Metropolitan University.
After watching different TV talk shows, Sporah realised how powerful TV is, and how it can influence or change people's life especially the young generation. So she came with an Idea of a TV Talk Show. In August 2007, The Sporah TV Show was born, the show discusses issues that affect the Black African community residing in UK and Europe and Africa as a whole.
Currently, The Sporah Show is a weekly talk show shown in Europe and Africa (East-Africa). In Europe SKY Channel 184 BEN Television, every Monday at 9:30pm and in Africa (Tanzania) every Friday at 18:00pm and Saturday’s at 13:00pm on STAR TV.
In 2009, The Sporah Show was nominated for the Best TV Show and The Best TV Presenter of the year on BEFFTA Awards. And in April 2010 The Sporah Show received Awards for the contribution to the African Community.

In September 2010 The Sporah Show was nominated for the Best TV Show, Best TV Personality and The Best TV Presenter on BEFFTA Awards. December 2010 Sporah won award for the best TV Presenter of the year 2010

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