Wednesday, 12 June 2013
The leading Tanzania TV Talents and TV show Orijino Komedi sign a Full Management Deal with Nexus Consultancy Agency in partnership with Rockstar 4000. This deal marks a first management deal for Tanzania TV stars and performers offered by Nexus Consultancy Agency.

The deal will see the management of the Orijino Komedi TV show that has been the highest rated TV show in Tanzaniaconsistently for the last 6 years and the management of the seven members of the Orijino Komedi, well known as Joti, Maclegan, Masanja, Wakuvanga, Mpoki, Vengu and David Seki. The Nexus Agency Consultancy management deal will include the development, marketing and commercializationof the TV show and talent of the Orijino Komedi on exclusive deals not limited to physical and digital distribution, endorsements, events etc to a global audience through its Pan African partnership with Rockstar 4000.

“Signing Orijino Komedi is an important event for Nexus Consultancy Agency. We have always admired their talent and to be able to take on management and establishing them across the continent is an exciting moment for us. There are so many talents like Orijino Komedi who have much to offer that we can see a brand new era emanating from this phase”, said Bobby Bharwani –CEO Nexus Consultancy
“I am thrilled to be working with such great talents and excited for a major Management Company to be so dedicated and vested in Tanzania talent and provide a ground breaking platform for great talent like Orijino Komedi to be transformed into an International brand”, highlighted Christine “Seven” Mosha - Head of Talent and New Business Development forROCKSTAR4000.
Sekioni  “Seki” David, Producer of the Orijino Komedi show said,“We are incredibly blessed and energized to be signed to this deal, which offers endless opportunities. This has increased our focus immensely and we can now focus on our performance and our fans by taking our talent into a whole new level not just in Tanzania but alsoacross the continent. ”
The signing of Orijino Komedi is part of Nexus Consultancy Agency in partnership with Rockstar 4000’s belief that Tanzania talent is important and valuable and has high hopes that with its assistance, Orijino Komedi talentcan achieve new Pan African and Global success.

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Bobby Bharwani

Christine ‘Seven’ Mosha
Head of Talent and New Business

For More Information Contact

Lucy T. Ngongoseke,
E-Mail: lucy@tabasamupr.co.tz     

Mobile: +255 754 602 674


Nexus Consulting Agency delivers the highest quality marketing, brand management, creative, event planning, public relations and talent management services to clientele worldwide. Nexus represents clients in the corporate sector in acquiring celebrity talent for commercials, print campaigns, promotions, special media events, personal appearances, and speaking engagements.

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Our clients can enjoy opportunities and value creation through creative deal terms and publicity through our media network. Our mission is to provide results-oriented advertising, public relations and marketing services tailored to our client’s needs. We accomplish this by providing comprehensive marketing strategies and dependable customer service.
Nexus Consulting Agency measures success through client satisfaction and increased sales, maximizing our client potential by bringing their concept into creation

Rockstar 4000 is the first Pan African 360 music, talent and entertainment production, content and events company. It is home to a roster of current artists across the African continent that includes a broad array of Africa’s superstars from the vast spectrum of music genres that influence the African continent’s music trends.
Rockstar 4000 provides brands an unrivalled mix & reach of the best entertainment based experiences from around the world and across Africa on a local level! The Rockstar 4000 brand essence is aspiration! Though its core business is talent, music, live events, brand experiences, brand content, talent & music management, Rockstar 4000 is an offering that extends beyond the functional levels of excellence in its delivery to connect emotionally with audiences through what matters to them most - Music! Lifestyle! Bands! Being part of & living the life of… ROCKSTARS!
 FROM LEFT ARE Baby Rose, Jackline, JOTI, Rose and Lucy T. Ngongoseke
  Christine “Seven” Mosha - Head of Talent and New Business Development forROCKSTAR4000 with BLOGGER Seif Kabelele
From Left are Alex Chalamila, SEVEN and Seif Kabelele
 Jackline, Masanja Mkandamizaji, Seif Kabelele, Lucy T.Ngongoseke and BabyRose
Seif Kabelele, BabyRose,Rose,Seven,Alex Chalamila and Lucy T.Ngongoseke
 BabyRose,Jacline, Seven and Alex Chalamila
BabyRose, JOTI,Rose and Lucy T.Ngongoseke

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