The increasing dominance of the Internet over mass media has caused wholesale changes in the way publishers select magazine content, including who graces the coveted covers.
Gone are the days when magazine editors solicited Hollywood starlets for glamorous covers to help sell their magazines. Nowadays the biggest-selling magazine covers are more likely to be reality TV stars or burlesque singers, such as Beyonce.
The New York Times reported Thursday sales of Cosmopolitan magazine with reality television personality Kim Kardashian on the cover sold 1.2 million copies – their best month of the year so far. That topped the March issue with singer Miley Cyrus on the cover, which sold 1.1 million copies, their second-best seller.
Covers featuring celebrities Demi Lovato, Khloe Kardashian and Selena Gomez were among their top five best sellers in 2012.
Lovato is a singer-songwriter, Kardashian is a reality television personality and Gomez is a singer and an actress best known for her work on television.
Vogue’s best seller this year featured Beyonce on the cover. A 2012 issue featuring Lady Gaga sold nearly twice as many copies as the January issue featuring three-time Oscar winning film star Meryl Streep.
The editor in chief at Glamour, said singers Beyonce “do an incredible job of connecting with their fans,” calling them the “Mick Jaggers of today” — a reference to the Rolling Stones frontman.
“There are a lot of movies right now that don’t speak to women. Since ‘Sex and the City,’ there haven’t been those big rah-rah movies for women,” said Joanna Coles, editor in chief at Cosmopolitan.
Angelina Jolie, apparently, is an exception.
“Angelina is not just a film star. She is a spokesman for something bigger,” Coles said.

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