".... Former British prime minister Tony Blair has promised to look into the possibility of assisting secondary schools in rural parts of the country to set up solar energy facilities to boost their learning achievements using the technology. Mr Blair also promised to assist the government in its efforts to electrify the country and contribute to the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) which has been established to enhance the government’s efficiency in discharging its services to the public. He made the promises during talks with President Kikwete at State House yesterday, according to a statement issued by the Directorate of Presidential Communication. The former British premier, who is on a tour of several African countries, told Mr Kikwete that his promises would be fulfilled through the works of his organisation, Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative (AGI). Before jetting in Dar es Salaam, Mr Blair, who is accompanied by his wife Cherie, had visited Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and is expected to go to Malawi from Tanzania. During the meeting, President Kikwete briefed Mr Blair on government’s efforts to improve the economy in various areas including infrastructure, curbing inflation, revamping railways, Dar es Salaam port, water, electricity generation, food security and enhancing delivery of health and education services. Mr Blair’s administration was the first to introduce a system similar to PDU in his country and commended President Kikwete for establishing it in the country. He said that through the PDU, the government can expedite economic development by concentrating on a few important areas that can spur quick development to the people. “Mr President, I congratulate you for establishing the unit which I had introduced during my second term in office as prime minister after evaluating the performance of my government during the first term. “Everyone will accept that besides South Africa and Nigeria, Tanzania under your leadership is given great chances of making major strides and bring changes in the African continent,” he said. ....."
Photo Credit to Daily News Photographer

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