George Kyomushula still be an example that I prefers to use regard the youths in Tanzanian whom doing positive things that few of bros and sisters of the peer age or adults dont seems to recognize.As personally know him, he is an amazing young man with positive spirit that shines,he loves doing what he like, no matter how hard it takes to do that, as I first wrote an article about him 2012 when he was there in Arusha do social work with some elders and top leaders of Black Panther Party founded in1960's at U.S , He kept his nose clean by creating an community awareness through different issues majorly in education structure, as he was volunteering for two years to help local of Imbaseni village youths, enable to know how to read and speaking English, as 2nd language...he still walking on the rough path which has bottlenecks and helluva struggles, as founding and directing the number one leading poetry club in Tanzania which known ARUSHA POETRY CLUB.Through the ARUSHA POETRY CLUB. Brother G as he prefers me to call him, he truely be able to do social works, teaching and create an awareness of community organize, George Kyomushula be able to organize more that 80 poets 

 in Arusha and gather together at his program where he conducted into different venues included Alliance Francaise Arusha whom 65% sponsored him in his previously events of the last three months, he successfully created an awareness of the art of poetry which can be used as self employment, and kept youth in positive vibes as they hang out together write, recite poems on their own,private and publicly.
George Kyomushula got more tension from the different media across the world, as he well recognized in United States in blackfolks neighborhood, not only because he was the man travelled with the ashes of the body of former top leader of Black Panther party, and 2pac Shakur Godfather Mzee Geronimo Ji Jagga where been scattered in lake Victoria as his will said, George bond down to spread the wings of his poetry club out there, with an assistance of former blackpanther member Mama C - Charlotte Hill O'neal, they be able to flooded the news paper in L.A i.e San Fransico Bay newspaper and other..folks seemed to recognized that TANZANIA is a fire burning place of poetry.And recently newspapers of TANZANIA, seems to recognize Kyomushula is contribution in his society, as journalist from Daily News Mr. Imani I. Mani traveled all the way from Dar es salaam to Arusha enable to write an article about him and his poetry activities, as the article lives in well known website known allafrica.com George didnt seems to released that he was on the national newspaper,untill someone from the western world called him and told him about that, hahaha I was laughing out louder when he called me early in the morning 2 weeks after his article been published, he called and directly asked when on earth he will get the copy..haha that is where i released he aint bond in the fame perception neither celebrity intervention, he just lays in self made creation and self service satisfaction.Thats for me is unbelievable to expect there is someone has that but im glad to say this brother do have it..He created an awareness which positively bringing people together as we recently heard on press conference that there is POETRY program in Dar es salaam somewhere at Masaki.As I saw him recited his poems at NYUMBANI LOUNGE last couple month, folks seemed to appreciate his pieces, as he was on stage reading his poems...the applause where louder and led him stop every second before proceed..he is awesome youngman with huge soul..honestly I have much respect for this GUY.
He cant rest, recently he and his team APC are about to do another poetry event in 13th July 2013 at Masaai Cafe, (RETURNING OF THE HUNGRY POETS) yet 7th - 11th July Badirisha Poetry - project manager Linda from Capetown are about to conduct recording poetry session at UAACC Arusha, Arusha Poetry Club members will have the opportunity to be recorded and published worldwide under Badirisha Poetry -project.
That is George Kyomushula whom i cant seize to write more about him, as he also became Manager of former hip hop Mc in early 90's crew known HARDCORE UNIT where JCB , Lord Eyes founded, the one and only SPAC DAWG !!

............Let me pause here...............!!!!!

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