She was crowned Miss Universe Tanzania 2013-2014 on 27th September @ National Museum-Dar es Salaam.Readers, Betty Boniface has something. And by something, we mean everything. What sets her apart is the alacrity in her eyes, the persistent bounce in her step. Her every move seemed an exercise in control, a sort of beautifully molded artifice. And when she opens that mouth, it only gets better, as her low-pitched, harmonious voice runs circles around whomever or whatever stands in front of her. But Betty was no confection: she is a masterpiece with a heart of gold and displayed inner beauty on her ongoing sincere humanitarianism. She really defines the perfect classical beauty and embodiment of womanhood in every sense.
 The winners with Maria Sarungi Tsehai
Betty Boniface possesses the kind of statuesque frame and irresistible charm the one demands from a beauty queen. Her piercing eyes only add to the overall package, while her down-to-earth- personality has ensured that she comes across as a prototypical girl-next-door. And although she’d obviously make any guy’s friends insanely jealous, she is a woman in control of her destiny.
 Two Beauty Queens!!! Miss Universe Tanzania 2012 (Left) and Miss universe Tanzania 2013
 Crowning Moment
 The Top 5 Girls @ the Miss Universe Tanzania 2013 Finals
 Edna Ndibs!! a make up artist
 Hellen Dausen-Miss Universe Tanzania 2010
 Winfrida Dominic-Miss Universe Tanzania 2012
 Yes, the One and Only Gaga!!! call her Live@#$ , i call her Fiderine Iranga
 From ID PRESS showing some love to Kabelele Camera
 The Judges who judged them girls posing for a group photo.
 Constantine Chacha a.k.a Beer Ndovu  @ the redcarpet
Miss Universe Tanzania 2013 Judge-Mr Hosea Kihanza posing with KabeleleJr and George Kyomushula from Arusha Poerty Club
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