Paul Julius Nunda, better known by his stage name Jua Cali (born 12 September 1979), is a Kenyan hip hop rapper. In 2000 together with producer Clemo they founded Calif Records where Jua Cali has stayed since. Jua Cali performs in Kiswahili and Sheng in a popular Kenyan style of rapping called genge.Jua Cali was born in Eastlands, Nairobi. His parents, Doreen Onditi and Evans Onditi (deceased) were both schoolteachers. He grew up with a strict Catholic upbringing in California Estate to the east of Nairobi city. He began rapping at age 10, encouraged by his elder brother Christopher Sati. He was known as an introverted teenager who was often quiet, hardly ever socializing
He attended Ainsworth Primary School (Standards 1 to 6); Shepherds Junior Buruburu (Standards 6 to 8); Jamuhuri High School and eventually Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute (K.C.I.T.I) Eastleigh where he received a diploma in Information technology. There, he played basketball with ambitions to make it to the Kenyan National Basketball Team. He never made the team, blaming his height. His earlier foray into music included singing in a band called ‘Sita Futi’. Sita Futi disbanded almost as soon as it was started but for Jua Cali and his close friend Jemmoh. The departing group members left to pursue careers outside music. Calif Records came into being after Jua Cali teamed up with childhood friend Clemo to form the record label that quickly became a hit factory, gaining prominence in the East Africa music scene with chart topping artists and music. Calif Records also invented the Genge genre of Kenyan hip hop. Jua Cali often cites his brother, Chris, and mother as his greatest influences in life.His first recorded track was Ruka, released in 2001 and was followed by Nipe Asali in 2002. In 2004 He collaborated with Pilipili in track "Kamata Dame". Like most Kenyan artists, it took several years before his first full album was released. His album "Juacali Sekta" reached the stores in 2006, containing mostly previously released singles.
His single Kwaheri (featuring Sainapei) was a major hit in Kenya in 2007. At the New Year's Eve 2008/2009 he released a new album, Ngeli ya Genge. He has toured the US and other countries.In August 2007, he was among 100 most influential Kenyans as selected by The Standard newspaper.
His stage name Jua Cali, is derived from California, an estate in Nairobi (as is the name of Calif Records). It also resembles Jua Kali, a Swahili term meaning fierce sun, which has been taken to refer to Kenya's informal sector of the economy.I had an Interview with him and dis is what he had to say......

SEIF KABELELE  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
JUA CALI  Real names Paul Nunda.Born and raised in Nairobi.Fourth born in the sibling of 
 5.Am a Genge artist and have been doing music for the past 11 years.

SEIF KABELELE Why the name Jua Cali?
JUA CALI  Jua Cali is short for Jua California(Know California) Calif is the hood I grew up 
  in.Basically am representing my hood.

SEIF KABELELE  Well,Seif Kabelele blog readers would like to know more about you as an 
JUA CALI  I released my first single in 2001 and my first official album in 2007 tittled 
JuacaSekta.I released my 2nd Album in 2009 tittled Ngeli ya Genge.Am   
currently  putting the final touches to my third abum Tugenge Yajayo.
  SEIF KABELELE Growing up did you always know that you would be a musician?
JUA CALI  Growing up I wanted to be a pilot which I will still pursue in the near future.

SEIF KABELELE  Who has been your greatest influence musically?
JUA CALI My parents they always pushed me to work hard and they gave me the 
 environment to pursue my dreams.

SEIF KABELELE Among all your hits,which stands out as your personal favorite?
JUA CALI  All my hits are my favorite coz I always put a 100 percent in every song.

 SEIF KABELELE Are kenyan musicians being shortchanged when it comes to copyright and   royalties?
JUA CALI  Local content is very low in the Kenyan media and that translates almost zero 
shillings for musicians.

SEIF KABELELE What makes your music unique?
JUA CALI  I do music from my heart and my sound is 100 percent Kenyan.

SEIF KABELELE Has there been one particulr moment in your musical career that you’re 
                                most proud of?
JUA CALI When I was made the brand Ambassador for Orange yesss I was over the moon.
 SEIF KABELELE  What next for you?
JUACALI    Am planning to pursue an acting career in the forsseable future.

SEIF KABELELE  What do you think of the copyright lawas in Kenya?
JUA CALI    Copyright laws in Kenya need a lot of improvement and government needs to be a lot strict when implementing them.

SEIF KABELELE  What is your current relationship status?
JUA CALI     Almost married.

 SEIF KABELELE  How has the experience been from being in a position of wanting to do 
                                 music and finally being in a position to accomplish that?
JUA CALI    Music biz is very hard especially when ur starting off.I had to hustle hard to 
 get my music played in radio stations.I was getting paid peanuts on my 
 earlier gigs.Had to deal with rogue promoters.Shooting videos was expensive 
 at that time.But hard work and dedication has got me here.Am enjoying  
 fruits  of my labour now.

SEIF KABELELE  Do you have any other business that you are involved in?
JUA CALI     All my other biz are music related eg I have my own sound which I always 
 hire out for gigs.

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