For the second time, earlier today, those kind, generous and loving folks at Twitter Inc., who are so ever taking interest in our welfare, we their "minions" (for without us as part of their ill-begotten machinery they have nothing, yet they they contend to be owners of our tweets?)!

Earlier, I believe it was either August or July, my account was suspended; it was reactivated, some days later, I believe it was three days or so. I didnt complain. I let them cool off their anger, that I had tweeted more than my fair share of daily tweets. I went through their Twitter Rules of Conduct, could not find a single rule that I had violated or at least I had prior knowledge of. Apparently, while being aggressive in campaigning for the #StopTheAbuseOfTheGirlChildTz, I was actually "spamming". What did I do today?

I spoke... sorry... tweeted of how happy I was about my life, Jesus, and was engaging in some enlightened discussions with my brothers and sisters, over the #WestgateAttack, while spear-heading the #PeaceInKenya campaign and, twice, posted the flyer I had designed, which was inspired by a very dear and close friend of mine (who shall forever remain nameless - he doesnt like Twitter).

So, we have a formula here; love, peace and Jesus, apparently are themes that Twitter doesnt like to be discussed! Maybe in a foreign language, not English. Could it be that the owners/makers of Twitter belong to some Freemason Lodge, where such words are considered sacrilege? While Freemasonry has long time been associated with Satan and/or Devil Worship, it IS coming to light that there is more than what meets the eye behind the walls of those Freemason Lodges.

Twitter DID NOT (apart from the poorly contrived Rules and Regulations) give me sufficient reason for why my account was suspended, again. So, now I am sparing them the trouble!

Once my account is re-activated, which will be soon! I will promptly, after bidding my goodbyes to my followers and followees, the God-forsaken account will be CLOSED FOREVER!

I have/had a rule; which, this time - just this once - I will make an exception. I HAVE to carry on the Lord's work, which means that, for the sake of that calling, I will return to Facebook, soon, under my real name, which is Paul Francis Mongi. I will no longer be using aliases or false names; I will use my own name, which I am proud of. Paul Francis. Let's loose the last name, shall we?

Until we meet on Facebook, you can reach me on email at paulfrancis.mongi@gmail.com and on my mobile, which is +255-762-949 577.

Asante sana!

With so much love,

Paul Francis Mongi

P.S.: I am sparing Twitter the "trouble" of blocking me for the THIRD TIME! Twice is a charm; thrice is a waste!

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