The song is a mid tempo yet easy to dance to because of it's slight reggae vibe. The Grown and sexy will like this. The flow is intense blended with catchy melodies. It was recorded Inside Peponi records, produced by Nasser Makange, Mixed by Dmonster and Mastered by Patrick Kavishe.
The name PROVELI PARAGON is self explanatory, especially when you describe this unique musical character. His name can be heard universally, but is most popular in western Canada, Africa and england. Some may say he is a combination of the legendary Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson, but those familiar with his music can easily distinguish between the legends of the past, and this legend in the making. 

Under the Rumble Records label, he will soon release EUTHANASIA, produced by ALIBY from Cartier Keys ent. "I think people will be even more surprised by VENDETTA" he says with a crocodile smirk on his face. 
Bringing to the table something as unique as his fingerprints, Proveli Paragon could possibly be the future of hip-hop. His name alone sets him apart from many artists in the game right now. “Proveli means I will prevail against anything and Paragon means model of perfection” says. Born in London, England, to Tanzanian parents, Proveli traveled the world for much of his childhood because of his father’s involvement with Unicef. Proveli’s father took his family on the road to places like Cambodia, Kenya, and Thailand. The experience and exposure to different cultures allowed Proveli to see how different, yet similar the world was. As an only son, whose life was like a rolling stone, Proveli wasn’t able to keep many friends. With his family spending six months on average in each country, Proveli was forced to use music and poetry as a companion.
“I’d always have to meet new friends wherever we went, but my music is the one thing that came with me every time”, recalls Proveli. While Proveli credits no one with influencing him to pick up the microphone, he lists Michael Jackson and Phil Collins as inspirations. The rapper, who is known to occasional sing on his own choruses, says their music has moved him to make his vocals convey the joy and pain of his soul. Like everyone else, at times, Proveli wants to escape reality. But Proveli is not naïve. Aware of the impossibility to totally escape the pressures of life, Proveli pens songs of his struggle to vent. “I know that reality can be heavy on one’s soul”, explains Proveli. 

“So I use my music as a mirror to reflect who I am inside, hoping my listeners can take something from it.” With music so intimate, Proveli’s decision to make a song is as risky as falling in love. Now although Proveli is a blossoming artist, his hunger for more has lead to numerous opportunities. Through Music For Mavericks, Politic Live, Proveli Paragon has performed at the 16th Annual Canadian Music Week (Toronto, ON) and 57th Annual Peach Fest (Penticton, BC), as well as opening for The Rascalz, Elephant Man, Abstract Rude and Aftermath recording artist The Game. Possibly one of the hungriest MC’s to ever emerge from Edmonton, Proveli Paragon went from 16 bar cameos on R&B songs, to guest appearances on compilations, to a notable feature with Hi-Calibre, Oozeela and Politic Live on the Universal Urban P&D 12” Homegrown 2 – quite the accomplishment for an artist who is still yet to release a full length album. As heard on his debut EP, Rhythm & Poetry, Proveli is using his music to not only share his world, but to bridge various cultures. As an only son globe trotting because of his father, Proveli could have never imagined that one day that experience would connect perfect with strangers. In the future, people should expect growth from Proveli Paragon. As with any bourgeoning artist Proveli is leaving his mark, but in the form of rhythm and poetry

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