The battle for high-end television market is constantly shifting as electronic manufactures one-up each other with new TV models. Both Sony and LG have launched the highest 84-inch HDTV, while Samsung launched its 85-inch HDTV.At the beginning of the year, LG sparked off what has turned out to be stiff competition for the premium TV sets market when it released the world’s first 84 Inch Ultra-HD 3D TV worth about Tsh. 35 million in the Tanzanian market.

Sony unveiled its 84-inch Sony Bravia 4K LED TV but there is little to justify why its latest Bravia LED television goes for a mind boggling Tsh. 66 million, almost twice the price of its competitor. 

Sony 's 84-inch

Samsung Electronics recently took the race for control of Tanzania’s high-end television segment a step higher by launching the country’s most expensive TV worth Tsh. 70 million. However, besides the price and an inch to make the screen 85 inches, there is little tangible value that the manufacturer added to the new set.
Samsung 's 85-inch

So which company has the world’s best TV?
Is it LG? Samsung? Or Sony?

Besides size, the common features of the premium TV sets are their ability to convert normal television pictures into 3D pin-sharp images and Ultra-HD picture quality. LG has equipped its Ultra HD TV switch CINEMA 3D technology, bringing 3D entertainment into the Ultra HD arena.

The 3D Depth Control allows viewers to fine-tune the perceived distance between objects on the screen, for a customizable 3D experience. With the proprietary Samsung up-scaling engine, the Samsung UHD TV up-converts HD or Full HD picture to UHD-level quality by restoring detail to create greater precision and real-life picture quality.

The electronic manufacturers are currently locked in a battle for wealthy individuals and businesses like hotels and bars that are increasingly turning to wider screen sets for entertainment.

If you seem moved by such magnificent art and have the resources to buy these marvels then LG seems to be the Best out of the three in terms of features and Price.

LG 84” UHD TV Key Specifications:
  • Ultra HD TV (World’s first 84inch UHD TV)
  • 84” Gigantic Screen (same as 4 42inch TV’s put together)
  • 2.2 Speaker System
  • LED TV
  • Smart TV with Dual Core processor
  • Cinema 3D (5 pairs of 3D glasses included)
  • Dual Play (gamers can now see their individual screen instead of having a split mode. This eliminates cheating and makes the game more competitive. Must wear the 3D glasses to use this feature).
  • Wi-Fi built-in (access applications like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and surf the web – you can also connect through Airtel Yatosha)
  • Magic Remote Voice included (you can use remote by pointing and clicking or speaking)
  • 2D to 3D conversion (it can convert regular TV and convert to 3D)
  • 3D Depth Control (control intensity of 3D image)
  • Freeview HD
  • 4 x HDMI

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