There was a time when making mistakes didn’t bother us. Back when we were infants learning to walk, it didn’t matter how many times we fell, we would stand up and keep trying until we did it. It didn’t matter if anyone was laughing at us because their words were meaningless. It was just you and point B, nothing else.
As we grew older, we started to understand the laughter and started to feel the embarrassment of messing up. The more this happened, the more we associated pain to making a mistake. As a result, many of us lessened our attempts in trying new things. Some even give up on their dreams all because they were afraid to fail.
For the most part, life is one big trial and error. The only way you’re going to grow is to try new things and the only way to get yourself to try new things is to accept that fact that you’re going to mess up every now and then.
Just keep in mind that the only people who never make mistakes or fail are either people who never do anything with their life or people who are already dead. If you want to really live life, do things that you think will make you happy and give you excitement even if it’s scary.
You might even find that succeeding at something you were afraid to fail at is what will give you some of the best experiences in life. It’s the possibility of failure that makes success meaningful and exciting.
This isn’t about being a rebel, it’s about proving to yourself and others what you’re capable of accomplishing. Sure, it might be better to achieve something because you want to but if you are motivated by proving others wrong, then use it to your advantage.
Plenty of people were able to graduate from college just because someone told them they couldn’t. Plenty of people have gone from fat to fit after being told it’ll never happen. From creating a successful business to running a marathon, sometimes, just the thought of someone saying, “I told you so” can inject enough drive and motivation into your system that success becomes a sure thing.
Some people let other people’s negative opinion force them to give up on their dreams. Don’t let this happen. Don’t give them the satisfaction of being right. If possible, turn their destructive words into fuel and use that to propel yourself toward success.......

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