Izzo Business is one the hottest Hip Hop artists in the country who has been active in the music industry for about 3 years but quickly ascended to stardom after minting the Riz-one and LOVE ME  a musical national anthem to the ears of many music lovers in Tanzania. Izzo B who was born Emanuel Bryson Simwanga, is well known for his hard hitting punchlines and for playing a crucial role in lyrically creating awareness on issues that affect Tanzanians.
SEIF KABELELE met up with Izzo Business and asked him the following questions
SEIF KABELELE: So who is Izzo Business?
Izzo Business: Izzo Business is a stage name and a performance personality. I would say Izzo Business is currently well known artist in Tanzania and in many other parts in east Africa. Izzo Business is also a businessman when he is not performing on stage. I’m best known for my commitment & passion to everything.
SEIF KABELELE: Why music and not any other profession?
Izzo Business:If memory serves me correct, I had a passion for music ever since I can remember and that is basically why I always party crashed ceremonies with an excuse of performing.  I believe I was born to do this.
SEIF KABELELE: Which record label are you signed to and what is their role in your music career?
Izzo Business:I’m not signed to any Record Label.
SEIF KABELELE: What are some of the songs that pushed you to be considered among the top bongo flava artists?
Izzo Business:So far it’s ‘Riz One’ and ‘Miss Business’
 SEIF KABELELE: So what are some of the challenges Izzo B is facing?
Izzo Business:Ummm……let’s see challenges!! Well, there is the fabricated stories from media which damage our (artists) reputation.
I also find it hard for my music to penetrate to all the places I want it to reach. Like to my fans everywhere, radio and TV station, to every club, hang outs and happening places.
SEIF KABELELE: What are you doing for a living besides music?
Izzo Business:Okay I’m a businessman when I’m not performing on stage
SEIF KABELELE: What are your views on the ever increasing awards in the country?
Izzo Business:Awards are good for business and music because the competition make us more focused and serious. but my concern is the categorization.  The criteria organizers use when making the categories is not upto standard.
SEIF KABELELE: How would you want to be remembered in the music industry?
Izzo Business:As an artist who inspired young people to reach their wildest imagination.
SEIF KABELELE: All that said, what’s next for Izzo B?
Izzo Business:Writing more songs
SEIF KABELELE: Where have you performed since becoming an acclaimed artist?
Izzo Business:Intercollege School bash, Fiesta and many other places in Tanzania
SEIF KABELELE: Tell us about hii barua song and what actually inspired you to write it?
Izzo Business:Travelling to different areas made me write it, being here and there and hence like writing a report. So it’s just like I wrote a letter to Tanzanian explaining my potentialities.
SEIF KABELELE: Any message to the fans?
Izzo Business:I am committed to take them on a musical journey they've never been on. Just watch the space.
SEIF KABELELE: Where do you prefer to sing...At the studio live on stage?
Izzo Business:On stage

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