Meet Nuru Magram, a Tanzanian bongo fleva artist who currently calls Stockholm, Sweden her home. You have probably heard her sweet melodious voice in the latest hit song riding high in bongoland with the song   ‘Muhogo, Andazi’ featuring Bob Juniour, Nsubiri Usilale, Walimwengu, Msela etc…!!. Nuru is multi- talented; she has a strong passion for fashion which she exhibits through her nuruthelight.blogspot. She is a musician, worker and most importantly a fashion blogger.  Seif Kabelele interviewed her as follows.
SEIF KABELELE : Briefly tell us about yourself?
Nuru:   My name is Nuru, am a woman a Tanzanian woman to be exact, I come from a `big Family and am the only girl In the clan until recently I was blessed to finally get a Sister. I was raised by my mother that is why i'm very determined, strong, disciplined and Professional and off course beautiful both inside and out.
SEIF KABELELE: On a normal day, what is your daily routine?
 It ends where I am because it seems like am always going somewhere.
When  In Tanzania,  I usually wake Up, take my calendar out and see which meetings I have or what’s on the agenda so that I’ll Know If am going to have a stressful morning or not take some breakfast, decide on what to wear ,shower and then hit the streets to meet the day’s adventures.
In Sweden, I wake up, shower, breakfast or lunch and then straight to work because in ulaya time is money.
SEIF KABELELE: The work that you do is very demanding, how do you balance between work, music, and blogging?
Well I usually have a specific time for all the above. You see everything that you mentioned has its own specific time so in a way it comes very natural to me but i love to blog during the night; I guess you could Say That It’s my way  Unwind and be creative on a different Level because to run blog is not an  Easy Task!
SEIF KABELELE: Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
First of all my mother because that woman can dress! . I grew up among brothers hence had no interest in fashion  but one day my mum told me...Nuru you are a girl...then it hit me that i had to style up.
And am also influenced by art and Music. Designers of different brands inspire me but at the end of the day you have to find you own style in this jungle of fashion.
SEIF KABELELE:   Who are your favorite emerging designers and what is it that you love about them?
My God there are so many but I love Christine who does Chichia London, Sheria Ngowi if am going to be bias and peak our own designers from Tanzania.. Abroad I feel that channel, Versace, Ysl, Etro, Acne,  Michael Kors, Lanvin, Pucci, Stella McCartne  and Fillipa K has kept their style and continues to give us their best.
SEIF KABELELE:  What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that more of us wore?
Underwear!! (Hahahahah, she laughs mischievously) seriously though white trousers whether you are a man or woman they always make you look good.,
SEIF KABELELE:  You have been in Sweden for a long time, how has it affected your artistic journey?
Being outside of Tanzania has actually made me stronger in swahili you say imenifungua akili kiasi kwamba nimejifunza na kuexperience vitu vingi.There is a way of thinking in Tanzania that I don’t like and I wish that we did sudden things  as they do here because it will help our Industry tremendously.
SEIF KABELELE:  Considering your background, what specific moment does you was pivotal to your success and the ‘turning point ‘of your life?
My journey has only been positive since i get to experience the best of both worlds, i have been blessed enough to show them here that a girl from Tanzania can make it here and make a career of herself here in Sweden since i was signed here   first, so to me it has only enriched both my personal and music journey. When I got signed to a record company here In Sweden When I travelled around at the age of 16 doing big productions.
When my first Swahili project and my song walimwengu was well received and lastly when I see People like Juma Nature, Professa Jay, P funk, Bob Junior, Maneke, Guru g, Chiddi benz and many more saying Nuru I want to work With you that is when you know wamekukubali!
SEIF KABELELE:  When going out with a guy, what is your ideal date…going Out for a music concert or movies or a quiet dinner?
No comment.., but I can say this that I hate guys who are full of themselves..,
SEIF KABELELE:     Given a choice between Flavianna Matata and Millen Magese, who do you think is a better dresser?
Millen Magese.
SEIF KABELELE:  Tell us something that we don’t know about you?

That am very funny and outgoing and people think that I drink but I don’t Take any alcohol at all because when they See me out am usually the Craziest one Hahahahah but boy is all sobered out!!
SEIF KABELELE:  What’s your favorite food?
Mimi nnapenda Sana Kulaaaaaaaaa na wakati wakula Mimi Sitaki mchezo Kwasababu chakula ni zawadi kubwa Sana Kutoka Kwa Mungu.
SEIF KABELELE:  What makes you angry?
I can’t stand fake people, watu wenye roho mbaya na waswahili.
Music.., whether am sad, angry, down, Inlove, out of love music always makes me happy.

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