Ida Ljungqvist (born September 27, 1981) is a Tanzanian-Swedish model. She was named Playboy's Playmate of the Month for March 2008 and the 2009 Playmate of the Year. She is the first African-born and second Swedish model to be named a Playmate of the Year. She is also the first Playmate of the Year to publicly dedicate her title to philanthropic work through non-profit charities and organizations.
Ljungqvist was born in Tanzania to a Tanzanian mother and a Swedish father. She was discovered by 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood at a bebe store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

Ljungqvist co-hosted the Playboy New Year's Eve Party 2009 in Miami, Florida alongside several other playmates. ‘Seif Kabelele’  had an interview with her and this is what she had to say.
SEIF KABELELE: Briefly tell those who don’t know about you?
IDA: I never stayed in one place for more than three years. My Sweden father, who is Swedish, works for UNICEF, so he moves around about after every two years. I’d moved to London to study business, but the weather there was cold, and I wanted a challenge so I took up fashion. Then I move to California got my fashion degree, so I have been here nine years.”
SEIF KABELELE: How have you applied your daily life to different things you’ve seen across the world?
IDA: “when you live with different people you can’t help but to love them, being open to ideas, and try new cultures. You want to try new things. So for Me, I live a pretty opening minded.
SEIF KABELELE: How did it happen for you to compete for Playboy Magazine?
IDA: “I was only in Beverly Hills working at the Bebe fashion boutique on Rodeo Drive for five months before this all started.
One of my customers was 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood, who brought then Playboy Photo Editor Holly Madison into the store to see if I had the potential as a centrefold Playmate.
“Sarah was a good customer of mine, and we had a friendship. I helped her pick out a couple of things, and she said I’d make a good Playmate,” “I remember watching The Girls Next Door with Holly, Kendra and Bridget, and thought it would be fun. I had no idea what a Playmate was, so after she explained and invited me up to the Playboy Mansion, the girls and thought this was something I might want to try and see where it takes me.”
SEIF KABELELE: So on a personal level; How did you feel as the first African born Playmate of the Year?
IDA  “Ok, that was the biggest pressure. It was the 50th anniversary of this great tradition Playmate of the Year and I was chosen...despite that I wasn’t born in the U.S.... I was like a transplant .How do I justify and live up to the other women who’ve gone before me? But it turned out to be the greatest honor for me.”
SEIF KABELELE: Would you go for brains and beauty?
IDA: “Brains first, and then I’ll take the beauty. Playboy is an American icon and symbol. I said I am in America, I was offered this position, and I did it.
SEIF KABELELE: How would you describe your inner beauty and the person you are inside?
IDA: “I think that when you meet a beautiful person, you look at them from outside but you have to get to know them before you can see their inner beauty; I love being happy, feeling of service, feeling gratitude. I definitely love what I do. I’ve taken chances. You get rewards when you take chances and you’re bold.”
SEIF KABELELE: What are your ultimate goals going forward, professionally?
IDA: Going forward, I was just crowned Playmate of The Year twice, I settled into my role  , launch parties, Interviews, traveling as much as I could. Towards the end of my reign, obviously I was offered a couple of movie roles. Ultimately of course I finished my Masters. As a world traveller, I’ve been in Los Angeles for nine years now, so I’m feeling the urge to travel maybe by the East coast. This going around from city to city partying and meeting people is definitely helping me find my next place to travel to.”

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