He’s one of the best performers Tanzania ever produced who is very humble, Ambwene Yessaya who is one of the most popular musicians in East Africa. He managed to collaborate with known icons including Miss Trinity, Goldie, Kingston, Romeo and other African such as Bebe Cool, Moris Kirya, Obsession of Uganda, Avril, Jaguar, Aman of Kenya etc 
He enjoyed a lot of success with his hit like Leo which won MTV MAMA Nominations and continues to shine. His album dropped out with singles like Leo (remix), Kings and Queens and Bed & Breakfast

Good Looking or Clever?
I’d like to think a bit of both. I think anyone who looks at themselves in the mirror every morning then tend tell themselves that they are good looking. I’m clever because my experiences have shown that I have made the right choices. Life is about making the right decisions
Jeans or Kitambaa?
Jeans-I wear a ‘kitambaa’ staff once every two months but I prefer jeans because that is my work outfit. I wear them every Monday to Friday and on Saturday when I perform.

Working out or eating out?
It would be nice to eat out all the time but working out is something that I definitely enjoy. If I’m at home on a Saturday morning then chances are that I’d go to the gym
Totoz side, figure 6 or figure 8?
That’s a hard one actually, may be a bit of both for me. You wouldn’t want to have too much of either.
Make up’s or Natural?
Whatever makes her look beautiful and keeps her happy. She should do
Stay at home mum or go getting career woman?
Definitely ago-getting career woman. The thing is, when it comes to marriage, it’s preferable to be with someone who complement each other

Listening or Talking?
I prefer to listen more. I guess it is because if I talk in between, the conversation will never realy end 

A kiss or handshake?
I think there are no ‘rules’ when it comes to dating. There shouldn’t be any rules so I’d wait to see how it goes then decide

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