One of the most successful international models that Tanzania has never produced.She is famously known as a Godwill Ambassador for Tanzania.In her modeling career,she has graced the catwalk stages of International shows and showcased some of renowned labels such as Gucci,Escada,Tommy Hilfiger,Christian Dior,Issey Miyake and so many others.However,Tausi likokola is an activist,an author and a mother,having two beautiful babies,Iman and Neema.
 Seif Kabelele: You are one of Tanzania's Finest Models out there.
Tell us  About your background

Tausi Likokola: Born and grew up in Tanzania. Left home after high school for higher education overseas and was scouted for modeling opportunity in Germany.

Seif Kabelele: Did you always dream of modeling or did you have 
                           other plans in mind and modeling Just came along?

Tausi Likokola: Modeling was the last thing in my mind; it came on 
                         the right moment. I was so focused with my studies  
                        at the university when the opportunity came along 
                        and somehow it took over everything.

Seif Kabelele: Was it hard for you to break into the modeling  industry when you started out?

Tausi Likokola: I actually was more focused in the beginning with 
            my studies and did modeling near to my
studies. I didn’t fight it for I always believed if it  happens then good….if not then I always will graduate and have a wonderful career and life….something I always tell younger girls,
 have a back-up always. In general yes the industry   is hard and difficult to break in but everyone has their place and calls….is important to  stay focused and keep pushing forward.

Seif Kabelele: Tell us about your children, we would love to get to 
                        know them as well.

Tausi Likokola:  I’m blushing always when I talk about my  
                         children….if not in tears….they are the love of my
life, my biggest blessing yet. Imani is my big boy (4 
  years) and Neema is the Minnie me (2
years old). Me and Neema shares a birthday on May
   12th….I see so much of myself on her.
Seif Kabelele:     What have You recently been up to?
Tausi Likokola:      Writing more books, raising my children,  
                               building my family, mentoring and working with
young girls….and breath happily!

Seif Kabelele: What is your take on African prints, African motives recent burst into the European Designs. 
Tausi Likokola:   I always say nowhere in the world have I seen so    much culture than in Africa (and I have
 visited all continents so far). It is a wonderful things    that now the rest of the world are seeing that rich culture as more African designers, prints and other talents rises.

Seif Kabelele: Modeling is a booming career in Tanzania, South  Africa, Nigeria and many others Countries. Longtime ago, it wasn't accepted as a 'career' but now it is, what advice Would you give to young girls who look up to you and want venture into this' modeling World'?

Tausi Likokola:    Network with positive crowds and have a back-up plan like school etc. Being positive and smart will only compliment your career and no one will ever take away your education.

Seif Kabelele:  How many times a day do you Google yourself?
Tausi Likokola:  Not much but I have people looking out for me and 
                          when I get or hear something I will
Google and have a follow-up if I can. Most things 
                             written on Google on my name are
okay….though you can always run into one or other 
                        story to make you smile or roll your  eyes…..so is 

Seif Kabelele: What is the worst thing about being a parent?
Tausi Likokola: Not with me…My children have taught me more 
                          than I ever imagined….I love being a
mother. It is a blessing to me and couldn’t say of a 
                         worse aspect of it…it was a choice.

Seif Kabelele: Who is your favorite Designer these days?
Tausi Likokola: I wore so many brands in my modeling peak years. 
                           Right now I wear that what looks
good….can hardly fix on a name but I must say I’m 
                         still very much my own me when it
comes to dressing…

Seif Kabelele: Who do you idolize?
Tausi Likokola:  I’d say I admire those who contributed to 
                         humankind and made our word a better place but
not in sense of idolizing. I believe we are all humans 
                          and one or other times in our lives we
can inspire…and the other part is all that human 
                        nature and mistakes that molds us who we

Seif Kabelele:  Is clothing designs a natural offshoot of Modeling?
Tausi Likokola: I believe modeling makes you a fashionista….when 
                          I see a model on streets, I know it…I
believe is the same for designers and stylists.

Seif Kabelele:  Is it a struggle to be a mom, fashion designer, an 
                         Ambassador and a supermodel all at  Once?
Tausi Likokola: I have been called many names but I am just 
                           me….and like everyone else have highs and
lows…I have learn my priorities and becomes 
                       marter in my choices.
Seif Kabelele:  Do Models obsess over changes in their bodies after 
                       childbirth more than non- Models
Tausi Likokola: I was just speaking with someone very recently that 
                         models are so used of certain looks in
their bodies that one can struggle with certain body 
                        changes. All of us will change with age
and all that life will bring with….most important is to 
                        take good care of yourself. I have been
told often I age well but I also know that I do take 
                       good care of myself spiritually and physically.

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