They have everything- fame, money and power and yet there is one thing that’s likely to elude them- ‘natural death’. This is not my statement; this is what history tells us and the present affirms. From Albert Mangwair, Langa Kileo, Steve 2K, John Mjema, Massive J a.k.a Cool James Dandu, Complex, Producer Roy, Amina Mongi, Amina Chifupa, John Maganga, Steven Kanumba, Max, Sharo Millionaire and even Sajuki- *R.I.P * ... ... 

The world has witnessed countless extraordinary talents succumbing to premature deaths. What these incidents essentially reveal to us is that fame comes at a price. A very gory price to pay indeed! From the rear end of the fame game, we are likely to wonder, what can they possibly be missing from a life that the entire world envies to succumb to such dark ends? It’s a reasonable question to ask considering the fact that apart from few unfortunate accidents, a majority of these tragedies are self-inflicted. It can be drug abuse, excessive drinking, a fatal shot or suicide; we are left wondering why do their seemingly perfect lives meet such tragic ends? The answer to the public dismay on a number of such tragedies is often left to speculation, rumors and conspiracy theories. Of course, there is bound to be some level of mystery surrounding such events even when the causes are obvious. Conspiracy theories and fanatic exaggerations are usually associated with such tragedies giving rise to some intriguing urban legends. On the other end of these fantasies however, lie the harsh realities of these tragic consequences. With few exceptions.. More often than not, they are in fact the inevitable outcomes of a series of life style choices that celebrities find themselves prone to at the height of their career. Fame is a complicated thing to handle. As helpless spectators, we just see the flying colors in stage and the grand receptions. What we fail to realize is that beneath the colorful décor of fame, our celebrities are in fact perfectly normal human beings prone to every ordinary temptations of life as we all are. 

As mentioned earlier, fame comes at a price. A wise persononce declared that ‘a true artist is ultimately engulfed by his own art.’ At the epic of their art, numerous artist struggle to grasp the essence of their accomplishments and often get lost in the world they had created with their artistic brilliance. But not every temptation is necessarily as profound as this artistic dilemma. Some artists find themselves enslaved to addictive measures in a desperate attempt to retain the virtual paradise of grandeur creeping inside their head with increasing fame. Fame can be a hard thing to earn but equally challenging is to escape its enslavement. Does it ever strike you odd that so many celebrities die young? Think about it, have you ever heard of a huge star living to the ripe old age of eighty? Or seventy, even? Sure, you have a few, but the majority of them never even reach the life expectancy for humans today. 

Why is that? I have heard many theories, and I have compiled the most likely into this article. One of the most common reasons that you hear about is drug use and abuse. It is no secret that many celebrities use drugs way more often than they should. Michael Jackson died when the misuse of prescription drugs caused his heart to give out, Whitney Houston's death was also drug related. Why do they abuse drugs like that? It's most likely because they need a way to deal with the stress of their positions. Famous people are stressed out a lot. Many celebrities commit suicide. Chris Benoit, a WWE superstar who had it all, money and fame, kill his wife and his son, then hanged himself, steroids was found in the sceneleading to the assumption that "roid rage"must have push him over the edge. A famous star in America named kurt Cobain, shot himself after taking a good deal of illegal drugs. Again with the drug thing, it seems that not only do celebrities overdoseon drugs, they also kill themselves. My old mentor once told me that most famous people are not really happy as happy as we think, and that is why they die so young. That would certainly explain the suicides. One of "the Beatles” . Rapper star Tupac was also shot and killed. There is also a notion of a massive conspiracy involving secret cults especially the illuminati which has been linked to famous celebrities.This theory states that most celebrities sell their soul to the devil for fame and fortune which result in their early death. With all this theories and evidences the question still persist, why do most celebrities die young????


.........SEIF KABELELE SEIF.....

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