SEIF KABELELE: If women were to rule the world by 2020, how different would the world be?

BETTY BONIFACE: Women have always been the leader in various aspects of life. Be it at home or in the conventional man's world, a woman has always performed tasks and taken up challenges equal to her counterparts. By 2020, as the world would acknowledge it, there will be peace and sensitivity, as
women are a personification of love and compassion.

SEIF KABELELE: Which quality of women gives them an edge over men?

BETTY BONIFACE: The quality to create and nurture the creation with tolerance, love, and patience gives women an edge over men.

SEIF KABELELE: How would you change the world if you were to play God for a day?

BETTY BONIFACE: Actions speak louder than words. I would act to uplift thoughts and sentiments of mankind, and the change will follow automatically. 
SEIF KABELELE: Do you think that the youth of today faces more pressure of performance than the previous generation?

BETTY BONIFACE: Yes. Definitely the youth today faces much more pressure than the previous generation. They have to adapt to several circumstances at once. This kind of pressure has made the world much more dynamic and fast-paced.

SEIF KABELELE: Which role of a man compliments a woman better - father, son, or a partner?

BETTY BONIFACE: The world's a stage and we are all actors playing our roles.
Thus, a man in his every role is fulfilling his duties in life. He becomes a father, son, or a partner only with a woman, who makes him complete, and he, in return, makes her complete.

SEIF KABELELE: Tell me something about yourself.

BETTY BONIFACE: I am an embodiment of a new meaning of life. My purpose here, is to find the true calling of life and fulfill it. This platform is one of my steps towards reaching my goal for this destiny, which I will decide.

SEIF KABELELE: Do you consider yourself to be a giver or taker? Why?
BETTY BONIFACE: By the virtue of being a woman, I consider myself to be a giver as well as taker. As a woman, I am bestowed with the power to create a part of nature by taking a part of it. This is the beauty of femininity.

SEIF KABELELE: What would you say is the biggest problem facing our educational system today? Why?

BETTY BONIFACE: The biggest problem faced by our educational system is that it believes it's a system. A system is a set arrangement of things. However, education means to impart knowledge by giving and taking in order to empower the uneducated. This has been forgotten in the process of being a system, which needs to be re-evaluated and learned once again.
 SEIF KABELELE: What is your definition of success?

BETTY BONIFACE: My definition of success is when my conscience agrees with the time, effort, money, and emotions spent on achieving the goal till the end of it and allows to me sleep peacefully at night.

SEIF KABELELE: If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you choose and why?

BETTY BONIFACE: I would choose Vogue, as it has been for me, a celebration of womanhood, a trendsetter, a style guru, an example of top-notch reporting and personification of high standards of living, and above all, perfection.

SEIF KABELELE: Who is your role model?

BETTY BONIFACE: My role model is me, because for me, every day is an endeavor to do better than yesterday.

SEIF KABELELE: What do you expect to gain by participating in pageants? Why?

BETTY BONIFACE: By being a part of these beauty pageants, I expect to gain an opportunity to discover my strengths and perfect them, realize my weaknesses and transform them into strengths.
SEIF KABELELE: What has been the biggest disappointment in your life to date?

BETTY BONIFACE:My biggest disappointment would be the day I name one. I chose to wear my scars as my medals, appreciate the learning, be grateful, and get on with life.

SEIF KABELELE: If you had one message to the world, what would it be?

BETTY BONIFACE: Live your dreams!

SEIF KABELELE: What made you decide to enter Miss Universe Tanzania 2013?

BETTY BONIFACE: I always knew this was my calling.

SEIF KABELELE: How important is it to look your good at all times?

BETTY BONIFACE: It is very important for me to be well turned out at all times. I sincerely believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And I am the beholder of my beauty in my eyes. So, if I am not turned out well
on the outside, no one will make an effort to see what lies within me.

SEIF KABELELE: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

BETTY BONIFACE: Home. Because that is the place where I've been the happiest.

SEIF KABELELE: What is your greatest obstacle? Why? How will you overcome that?

BETTY BONIFACE: My greatest obstacle would be my own myopic view. I would overcome it with a change of perspective.
 SEIF KABELELE: What is the importance of beauty pageants in today's world?

BETTY BONIFACE: Beauty pageants have given women a platform to acknowledge their beauty, knowledge, and skills in front of the world. It is an opportunity to seek the better in you. Beauty contests have also given nations to pride themselves with a new accolade.

SEIF KABELELE: If God granted you one wish, what would you wish for?

BETTY BONIFACE: If God granted me one wish, I would wish for the ability to be happy. I would wish for the strength to find my happiness in every situation that I may have to face in my life. The jury intends to see your individual perspective on the issues addressed in questions at beauty pageants. The answers are means of gauging the strength of your character and personality. These pageant questions and answers are your first chance towards making an impression on the public at large. They build confidence in you, and push you to bring out the best in you. Answering the questions with honesty and keeping your goals in mind will show them a confident side of you. Good luck beauty queen!
Photo Credit: AZH photography

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