Celebrities’ job is not to be a role model, I don't know of many celebs who set out to be role models. People choose who they look up to for whatever reason. All these people who are saying that their kids shouldn't be looking up to celebrities because of the things that they do. At the end of the day the one who has control over what your kids see is you. I am 100% sure that no celebrity goes out and does something "stupid" the calls up the tabloids and says guess what. They don't want there name to get spoiled just as much as you don't want your children's brains to get spoiled. I think the question is misrepresented. Most celebrities don't set out to be role models. People choose their personal heroes. They shouldn't live their lives any differently than they want to for the sake of a few fanatics that follow their every move. If  people don't like the ideals of a celebrity, their followings will diminish. It's just like the free market. 
A role model is someone that you aspire to be like, and why would you want to be like a celebrity? Celebs can, in some cases, be the nicest and most down to earth people you will ever meet, those who have worked hard for their fame and to be where they are today, however, some just got lucky and can use their fame for bad things. 
Often celebrities only let the public see their facade. This means us as an audience member does not get to see what they are really like, creating disillusionment. I think the best role models are real people who possess qualities we admire, like passion or determination. Just because someone is famous, rich and in the public eye it does not mean they have done something worthy of being there. You don't know what they are like when the camera stops rolling or what they say when they aren't scripted. I'm not saying that celebrities aren't nice, decent people; I'm questioning just how much of what we see is actually real.

No, they should not. Celebrities can be role models to some people, but that does not mean they should be. It should depend on what exactly the person is looking for in a role model and the kind of behavior they are going to pick up on. Some celebrities do really awesome charity events, and help the community, but others might not do that. They are all still people so it depends on the individuals involved and less on the general.

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