WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A COMMUNITY PULLS TOGETHER TO HELP ONE OF THEIR OWN? ( #- Kudos to Hoyce Temu for her outstanding support to our communities through her TV Program “Mimi na Tanzania” Yes, Hoyce Temu mobilized our fellow Tanzanians to contribute to the treatment of a Tanzanian boy, Hamis, who was suffering from unknown illness. Hoyce you are an inspiration and your heart reflects Tanzanian spirit. # )

 Hamisi is a young Tanzanian boy who has suffered for a long time from Plexiform Neurofibromatosis, a disease which causes large and restricting tumors. Hamisi developed an enormous growth on his right leg which was incredibly heavy. Due to the weight he was unable to walk and had to crawl on all fours and drag his heavy leg behind him.  His leg which grew to a monstrous size, weighed the young boy down, preventing him from playing and enjoying a normal childhood.   

Hamisi grew up in Tanzania with his father. Despite the desire, his father was unable to afford the expensive healthcare to ease Hamisi’s suffering. But through the kindness of others the community rallied together and through their efforts they were able to raise enough money to send Hamisi for an operation which would change his life forever.
In February 2014 Hamisi and his father nervously boarded a plane bound for Coimbatore in Southern India. It was here that he was greeted by an expert team of plastic surgeons at Ganga Hospital who were about to change his life.
Hamisi underwent extensive surgery where the surgeons removed the entire leg below the knee which weighed a staggering 5kgs. They hoped that removing the weight would allow him to move freer and feel lighter; it will also help his father to carry him when he is unable to walk. People suffering from Plexiform Neurofibromatosis tend to heal slowly and there can be complications so doctors were concerned that he may not make a full recovery. Hamisi is obviously a fighter at heart and defied the odds and recovered quickly and the doctors were able to reAfter the operation Hamisi was fitted with prosthesis.  Special prosthesis was made exclusively for him; both for the amputated limb and special shoes for the other leg but then came the hardest part. For many days he was sent to a training centre where he had to learn to walk with a walker.  He needed very aggressive physiotherapy and walking training but doctors knew that they were pushed for time as he had a flight booked back to Tanzania after a couple of weeks. They worked overtime and fast to get him fit to walk and by the time he got on a plane he could take 30 steps with walker.move some more of the leg around the knee in On the 29th March 2014, Hamisi returned to Tanzania a changed boy. His father has been trained in his physiotherapy so he can continue to build his strength. Both father and son are overwhelmed and so happy with the outcome of the operation which has made both their lives so much easier. A few months ago Hamisi’s future looked bleak but now thanks to the help of many people he faces a brighter, freer, independent future.  

It just goes to show a little kindness can go a long way. 

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