Because everything they do, even if they just go to the shops gets reported! They have not privacy! And they are constantly bagged. Paparazzi go over the top.. Paparazzi see celebs as people who don't really have feelings! As soon as someone becomes famous, paparazzi think immediately that it's ok to bag them and be in their business. It's so stupid and selfish, at least I think so… ( TANYA )

The take photographs of them, put them in trashy magazines and basically drag their names through the mud. Some deserve it but most celebrities aren't bad. 
Seiously a guy celebrity can't have a female friend (and vice-versa) without a magazine popping up saying "_____ & ______, are they dating???" (REHEMA)

Some of them act like they don't like them but 4real they wan't to be on that camera. They freakin actors they arrived on places where they know paparazzi are there then thats when they start acting like a douche. thats how they promote them selfs ..My opinion… ( FUVU KINYETE )

the paparazzi is always in somebody business . .yeah we get it that celebrities are big and famous and have all this money and nice houses and lots of cars . . but in reality the celebrities are normal people just like everybody else with problems of their own so i clearly think that the paparazzi should chill for a little bit and give the celebrities some room ! ( CHINYE )

They never have privacy because everything they do, everywhere they go, they a surrounded by cameras and everything they do is always public. Imagine going everywhere and can barley walk because paparazzi and in your way, hounding your car. Not only that, they sell pictures to magazines and they make a rumor that's not true which starts a scandal… (MIYEYE)

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