He is talented and their is a great chemistry between him and his management board or something, producers and everyone who play part in his success.. when you are talented and good management can lead you to get those 7 awards or even more cause there is diffferent things each one of the team member played, so 7 awards of diamond on Kill Muzik awards helped by team work... so he deserve it sincerely and it is quiet nice challenge to the ones who didnt get none or got some before but not that quiet much to learn, learn on how to manage your talent will well management team of people to put your talent on the he deserve it and congratulations, whoever think different should take a look closer of how he does his things and learn about it as they say good ones learns from the best, so at the meantime Diamond he is the best artist in Tanzania economically , musical and , why simple watch his moves and follow the foot prints y'all will get there

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