This year’s event is proud to welcome a range of film directors and producers from Tanzania as well as from Iran, the UK, USA, Germany, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Uganda and more.

ZIFF is particularly proud to announce that Mitchell Peck, a Hollywood Producer of 3 studio movies - BIO-DOME (MGM), PRIEST (Sony) and CROOKED ARROWS (20th Century Fox) - and numerous studio script development deals will be attending ZIFF as a panelist, workshop leader and speaker.

For 20 years as a movie producer, Mitchell has specialized in working with aspiring writers -- developing their screenplays, and successfully guiding them into top literary agency representation, studio deals, and produced movies.  All of his films were based on screenplays he developed with first-time, unrepresented writers from outside the Hollywood system.  

As Mitchell explains “for my whole career, I have specialized in working with aspiring writers from outside the Hollywood system -- developing their screenplays, and successfully guiding them into top literary agency representation, studio deals, and produced movies. I am honored to be representing the Hollywood filmmaking community at the Zanzibar International Film Festival.”

Mitchell is particularly excited to be attending ZIFF since, as he explains,

I’m well-aware that there’s a lot of screenwriting talent outside of Hollywood — and increasingly, all over the world.  The number of aspiring screenwriters is growing exponentially every year, as the filmmaking process has become more accessible (digital cameras, Kickstarter, etc.).  

That's why I've decided to volunteer my participation at ZIFF, one of the most important and respected film festivals on the crowded circuit.  I will be participating in the "Storytelling and Film Scriptwriting" and "ZUKU Swahili Script writing" workshops, as well as various other activities during the festival.

Peck will join Nick Broomfield and others in the Storytelling and Film Scriptwriting" and "ZUKU Swahili Script Writing" workshops.

Other filmmakers attending the festival include:

Biyi Bandele (Nigeria) – Half a Yellow Sun
Richard Pakleppa (South Africa) – Taste of Rain / Body Games
Marc Hoerferlin
Nick Broomfield (UK)
Eva Knopf (Germany) Majub’s Journey
Yahya Bozi KIbambe (Tanzania) – Little Town Bagamoyo
Michael Adeyemi (UK) Sodiq
Sean Hodgkinson (Trinidad & Tobago) – A Story About Wendy 2
David Cecil (Uganda) – Byebye Muzungu
Liliane Mutuyimane (Rwanda) Motorbike Dreams
David Charles Smith (USA) One Step Beyond
Shirley Gunn (South Africa) We Never Give Up
Umar Turaki (Nigeria) Tolerance
Hugnes Gentillon (Haiti) Love Me Haiti
Musa Nnauye (Tanzania) Barua ya Nang'inyi to Namayani
Deborah Nyakirangani (Tanzania) Struggle to The Unknown Destiny
Isaac Masiga (Kenya) The Distant Boat

Early in his career as a producer, he realized that the high-profile scripts were getting sent from the top literary agencies directly to Hollywood's biggest producers.  Therefore, he had to adopt a different strategy if he wanted to find original scripts to produce.  He began looking outside of the Hollywood system and reading the work of aspiring screenwriters.  

Relying  on his own good taste to identify great stories, and on his development skills to shape these stories into professional screenplays.  The strategy worked.

Mitchell has produced 3 studio movies, and numerous studio script development deals -- all based on screenplays he developed with first-time, unrepresented writers from outside the Hollywood system.  


The Zanzibar International Film Festival is the longest running film-festival in East Africa, with global credibility and instant Pan-African recognition.
The ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries is organized by ZIFF, a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1998 in Zanzibar to promote and showcase the culture of the Dhow Countries. Every cent raised from sponsors and donors ensures the widest possible accessibility of high- quality international screenings and cultural events to all sections of the Tanzanian population.
The ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries is a catalyst for the promotion and development of the region’s cultural industries. It encourages and supports the development of artistic skills and the infrastructure necessary for a vibrant and innovative arts environment.
The festival programme gives particular prominence to the visibility and interests of women and children, including the youth.
The main panorama features international film and video screenings, and international retrospectives along with music and performances, main stage events, exhibitions, workshops and seminars.
Emphasis has been given to The East African Film Makers forum and this will continue in Festival 2014, as will dialogues with various filmmakers from across the region.
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