The Zanzibar International film Festival has always understood the power of film to unite, inspire and excite. However, ZIFF also understands that film and filmmaking can also be a powerful tool for community and social development, education and upliftment.

Often the process of filmmaking itself, or the stories documented are in inspiration and a way to uplift marginalized groups such as the homeless, displaced or oppressed.  ZIFF’s strong social mandate, and this year’s festival theme “a common destiny” are brought to life through the screenings of a number of films that are more than simply enjoyable entertainment, but rather are the outcome of significant development projects.

One Step Beyond is both a documentary film and a powerful catalyst for community-wide and international discussion on the vital concept of “leadership” within our educational institutions.

The story of Tanzanians, John and Furaha, One Step Beyond offers a unique glimpse into the dynamic, potent, and compassionate leadership style of these two young people as they return back to Tanzania, armed with skills of self-awareness, communication, and the power of their voice. They offer a new model of leadership, as they re-engage with their community and establish the simple, yet profound, Voice Giving Project, illuminating what powerful agents of change young people can be in their communities.

This film chronicles the journey of two youth from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania as they leave their homes, travel to the United States for 3 ½ weeks and then return home to rejoin their community as bold leaders. John Tinuga and Furaha Noor are part of a dynamic and challenging youth leadership program known as the Bold Leaders Project, where they are asked to look within and reconnect with basic qualities of their being they may have become unfamiliar with so they can interact with the world of knowledge in a powerful, potent, creative, and imaginative way.

This Be Bold project will be traveling across Tanzania sharing the film and the skills of leadership learned by John & Furaha.

The film has received a strong endorsement from Tanzania’s Ambassador to the USA Liberata Mulamula who writes, “One Step Beyond is a most amazing and inspiring story on the ability of youth in Tanzania to be self sustaining leaders and motivate others.

The film will screen at ZIFF on Wednesday June 18th at the Hilton Hotel Double Tree Kisiwa Hall at 14:50 pm and again, along with a peer-led leadership workshop for young people at the same venue on Saturday June 21st  at 14:00 as part of the Festival of Festivals. 


This documentary film covers the story of a world-wide initiative that sees women climbing some of the highest peaks in the world to raise awareness and fight against gender based violence.

In 2012 2012 75 people from 36 African countries joined the expedition to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to End Violence Against Women and Girls-- as part of the United Nation's campaign Unite to End Violence Against Women.

Many of the women taking part were in fact survivors of gender based violence and their courage is documented in this amazing film. The project had strong support from the Tanzanian government with Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete making an inspiring speech at the foot of the mountain.

Additionally, in support of this campaign, the government of Tanzania has pledged to review and reform discriminatory laws such as the Marriage Act and the Inheritance Act, to take practical measures to improve access to justice, including setting up gender desks in district police stations and referral hospitals, and to dedicate resources for gender-sensitive judicial and security sector reforms.

Of the 73 climbers (representing 36 African nations, United Nations organizations and non-governmental organizations, and among them youths and gender-based violence survivors) 17 summitted Uhuru Peak at 5895m, while 31 made it to Gilman’s Point (5703m). The group included six senior guides – one of whom was a 78-year-old man – 26 assistant guides, 89 porters, 14 cooks and 10 assistant cooks.

The film will be screened at ZIFF at the Old Fort Ampitheatre on Tuesday June 17th at 19:15.

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The Zanzibar International Film Festival is the longest running film-festival in East Africa, with global credibility and instant Pan-African recognition. ZIFF is sponsored by ZUKU through a 10 year contract that runs through 2021.
The ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries is organized by ZIFF, a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1998 in Zanzibar to promote and showcase the culture of the Dhow Countries. Every cent raised from sponsors and donors ensures the widest possible accessibility of high- quality international screenings and cultural events to all sections of the Tanzanian population.
The ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries is a catalyst for the promotion and development of the region’s cultural industries. It encourages and supports the development of artistic skills and the infrastructure necessary for a vibrant and innovative arts environment.
The festival programme gives particular prominence to the visibility and interests of women and children, including the youth.
The main panorama features international film and video screenings, and international retrospectives along with music and performances, main stage events, exhibitions, workshops and seminars.
Emphasis has been given to The East African Film Makers forum and this will continue in Festival 2014, as will dialogues with various filmmakers from across the region.

For more information visit www.ziff.or.tz

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