Everyone: What do you think of the quote from the top???

# Jameras>>> the top quote is completely impossible. When you love someone - you WILL cry.

#Tanya>>> First I dont agree with the quote. When you really love someone you are honest and being honest with eachother isn't always pleasant or easy so you will shed tears occasionally even over a stupid bicker :) The ones you love DO make you cry simply because you care more about them than the ones you dont love. If that makes sense. 

I dont treat anyone like the enemy unless they are rude. But some women, yes they treat men like enemies.

#Jannette>>> Well, maybe because when girls get to know the guy and let down her guard, he just makes her feel bad. Sometimes boys are jerks. It is just in their nature. But some guys are so nice, you might even think they are gay. By the way, I love the quote.

#Toots>>>> I completely agree with the "quote"...I think it is rather prophetic and true... No..I NEVER treat someone like the "enemy" until he or she gives me reason to treat them otherwise...I rather like to think people are basically good...I treat men like I want to be treated myself...however, if they show me that they cannot act like human beings, I'll have nothing to do with you.. 
Yeah..a lot of guys are a$%holes, but, I just avoid those types of people..(a lot of women fall into that category as well)... 
I am on marriage number three...(and my LAST!)....and my wonderful hubbie is exactly like your quote... 
FOLKS: I am 49 years old..and I can tell you without a doubt, that the above quote should be true of ALL of your relationships...if the opposite is true, you need to find someone, does it mean you'll NEVER cry or feel hurt?..NO! But someone who really and truly loves you would do anything to keep from hurting you...and feel TERRIBLE if they accidently do...someone who intentionally hurts you is someone you need to be me..

#Follow Your Heart>>> I like that quote alot yet here I am in a situation where I am crying over someone that wronged me because I am head over heals in love with him. I forgave him for what he did and I am still chasing him to get him back. But this is a hurt from someone that I never could of imagined in my wildest dreams could of hurt me. And this is after 8 years of knowing him, never once being hurt by him and he hurt me few months ago for the first time and its the worst feeling in the world. :( I trusted him with everything I have. That is the worst, when your betrayed by someone like that.

#Asha Kapeche>>> I fall in love & trust very very quickly. On the same note, I attract & am attracted to very unhealthy relationships. I will never learn. 
*It's a quote. I don't think too much more of it than that.* 
But I believe that a man who loves you can still make you cry

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