In an era where musicians fade like the morning dew there is something that reminds the entertainment fanatics out there—it’s none other than the Serengeti Fiesta. After making sure that Songea residents were entertained to the maximum Serengeti Fiesta had to find its way to Mbeya city over the weekend to spread love and define the meaning of “Ni sheedah” in the region. As early as 4pm tickets for Serengeti Fiesta entrance were being sold at the Sokoine stadium early enough so as to avoid long queues before the main show approaches. As always fans that flocked around the stadium were mostly youths and it was amazing to see such a big turnout. The curtains of entertainment opened to allow a set of talented artists spread love to Mbeya residents on stage and indeed the show was a thirsty-quencher for most of the festival fans in Mbeya. Tearing up the stage was the “Pombe yangu” hit maker Madee who got fans shout on top of their voices as they sang along while he was performing the song, then on came Stamina, Ney and Barnaba who stormed the stage with their latest hits that got fans singing along. Other artists who featured on stage and had a good reception were TID, Linex, Mr. Blue, Ney wa Mitego, Linah, Recho, Mo Music and Baraka Da Prince whereby during their performances were well credited by the fans.
 Just like other regions, where the show has toured, local food vendors also known as “Mama Lishe” were invited to come and sell local food for the guys who didn’t prefer chips and “nyama choma” that was mainly available in the stadium.Speaking to journalists shortly after the show was the Serengeti Premium Lager’s brand Manager, Mr. Rugambo Rodney who said…. “I would like to sincerely thank the people of Mbeya for such a big turnout and it is my hope that our show has entertained all of the fans who gathered here tonight. Our next stop will be Dodoma and Singida and we can’t wait to connect with our fans over there.” Besides the concert, there were a number of pre-activities that had earlier taken place including football bonanza and Serengeti Super nyota diva  where winners of these activity got free tickets to travel to Dar for the final show where American rapper T.I is expected to perform.

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