Present as the professional you are: Have some empathy for your goals, and realize that it's very hard to sell if you have no website, or if the site's been "under construction" since 2011, or if your Twitter account in no way indicates what you're interested in, or why I should care. Check out the websites and social media of people in your industry: what are they doing? You're responsible for how you present. Check out the people you admire: how are they presenting? What information do they display, front and center? Good artists copy, great artists steal, See what format, appearance, and platforms are used by the people whose careers you admire and get inspired.
Use social media to show your talent, instead of just talking about it. If you're an actress, why not have a Vine account and make mini-movies of you performing, or back-stage, in rehearsals or even on tour? Let me live vicariously through you, and I'll be hooked. If you want people to care about your ambitions -- and yes, you do -- allow them to share your life, and your passion. If you're a makeup artist, with aspirations of one day being featured in Allure, help the magazine's editors discover you by creating Pinterest boards devoted to the unique aspects of your talent: If you're a dancer, get on Twitter and follow the companies that inspire you. Join the conversation. This is your opportunity to speak directly to artistic directors and casting agents. This is your chance to distinguish yourself. It won't happen overnight, but if you regularly reach out, and demonstrate your passion, and have a solid website, even a Tumblr account documenting you and your experience, don't think that people won't eventually come sniffing around.
Use social media to develop and discover your talent. If you want to write, for example, and you don't have a blog... no, no, I'm not angry, just disappointed. Why wouldn't you take advantage of a free platform to present and articulate your vision? You were hoping that one day your talent would spring, fully-formed, from your procrastination onto the Daily news etc Or, you know, you could realize that everyone has to start

Use social media to present as the artist you wish to become. For many artists, the biggest obstacle to them fully investing in themselves is their own inability to believe, in their heart of hearts, that yes, they could be the film-maker, photographer, singer, whatever, they so yearn to be. And if you can't convince yourself, it's virtually impossible to convince the people who might otherwise hire you. You have to start seeing yourself as the artist you want to be, in order to become that person. Start valuing your art so that others may care.
Understand that different platforms reach different audiences. You'll have to spend some time thinking about who exactly is your ideal audience. What do you want people to take away from your on-line presence and personality? What are you trying to achieve? Identify your goals so you can work backwards and create a social media strategy designed to attack and achieve them.
Numbers don't matter but content is king. Some people are so mortified by the idea of starting a Facebook page, for example, and having to ask people to "like" the page, and having, for a while only 65 likes, that they dismiss the whole idea. And yet, if you have 65 people who are commenting on your page, and sharing your status updates... it's not just 65 people seeing that you got the lead role, but their friends, and friends of friends. And you truly have no idea whom your friends know. Also, yes, not all of your friends will support you, but so what? That's their loss. Because some people will change your life with their generosity and support. But no one can help you achieve your dreams IF YOU DON'T HELP YOURSELF!
So. I'm curious: what are you waiting for?

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