Seif Kabelele: How do you deal/handle fame, women & money?
Steve RnB: When God gives you the talent I believe he also gives you the wisdom & the power to be able to control things or situations. We are all human and we make mistakes but the important thing is to acknowledge your mistakes and make right decisions from there on. I always put God in everything I do and it makes handling all this a piece of cake. Yes I am ‘Steve RnB’ but I never forget that I am Steven William Gambo. Learn to apologize to people you’ve wronged. Put yourself on check & you will always be right.

Seif Kabelele: How has the experience been on your Germany tour?  
Steve RnB: It’s been phenomenal. One adjustment I’ve had to be mindful of (but I’ve prepared myself mentally for this a long time ago), is that this is a market where I’m unknown and building from scratch, whereas, when I leave these shores I’m like a big superstar. So it’s sort of an adjustment in that sense, but it’s exiting at the same time, and I’m loving the fact that I’ve got people so open to hearing what I have to say, open to my music, they’re curious about the African songs I sing. It’s lovely to have a new audience who’s just interested in what you do. So I’m really enjoying it, I’m loving it.
 Seif Kabelele : What is it that inspires you? I know sometimes as we grow older our interests change. Are your inspirations from when you were young still the same now? We never stop growing or learning.
Steve RnB: Yes and No. But the people that inspired me to become a musician and an entertainer remain my heroes through out my life. The people from my family who have inspired the human side of me also remain quiet relevant in my life in terms of the things that I do. If I feel like I’m losing what they taught me when I was growing up I always think about what they would say if they had to find out. That also holds me back from some of the explicit lyrics that I’d love to write. I have to choose my words wisely.

Seif Kabelele : Are you that bad? Can you really go deep?
Steve RnB: I’ve got that deep bad side to me but I think all of us have it. The people who choose to go that route and be loose cannons is because Bad is easy. As long as it’s something wrong or bad it’s very easy to do it. Good things are hard work. Good is just difficult but it’s better for you. For example: to keep healthy is not easy because you have to eat properly and exercise instead of just sitting on the couch and eating junk food. To save money is difficult to just spending it. There are so many good things that are tough to do.

Seif Kabelele: I know you have travelled a lot as a Performer. Which country stands out for you?
Steve RnB: I will talk about personal experience first. I really enjoyed being in Australia. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. In terms of performances I really enjoyed our two tours in Germany.

 Seif Kabelele: How do you strike a balance between family time and fans? Let’s say maybe you are out with your wife  and people approach you for autographs & photos?
Steve RnB: I try to do the best that I can. There are some people who have worse jobs than me. I am blessed to be doing what I’m doing so I do make time for the fans because I am in the industry where all I have can be taken away just like that.
Seif Kabelele: But Steve, what does it take to make it? Is it about timing? Is it talent? Is it sex appeal? What do you think it takes to stand out in an industry where there is so much talent?
Steve RnB : Awww man, that is an amazing question. First and foremost, I believe that nothing can happen without the Lord’s blessing. You can be the world’s most talented performer in the world, but if God meant for you to be a doctor and heal people, that’s the way it is. I believe that you first have to pray and ask God what HE wants you to do. I’ve always lived my life like that. It also takes hard work and dedication. There will be many low moments throughout you life and you will feel like you should be getting opportunities that keep passing you and that you deserve those opportunities. It’s very easy to be discouraged, but you’ve got to be determined and work hard to be as creative as possible while understanding the formula of success in this industry. If that formula has already been written, don’t be afraid to try that formula.

Seif Kabelele : Aha…
Steve RnB: While adding your own touch to it. You know what I mean? Don’t be afraid.

Seif Kabelele: : I get you.
Steve RnB: There are many ways of getting out there. There’s the TZ Idols, there’s Facebook, YouTube and so many different outlets you can use to be heard. You just need to be focussed on what you want to do and keep pressing on.

Seif Kabelele : With all this happening around us as Africans. How do you feel when some continents paint a picture that this is where HIV/Aids lives.
Steve RnB : Aids is everywhere. People can lie to make themselves feel good about whatever but at the end of the day truth remains. Aids is a world crisis not an African crisis.

Seif Kabelele : What message do you have to African people about this crisis?
Steve RnB: Use protection. A lot of people need you. You might not need yourself but trust me there are other people who need you. This life is not ours. We live for our loved ones and all those who need us. I know it’s much harder for the youth because they are still experimenting. But please protect yourself. Use a condom each time you’re having sex.

Seif Kabelele : Thank you so much for your time. Do you have a message for my Readers?
Steve RnB: To all my fans that have been supporting my music. Thank you very much. Look after yourselves. Always put God first. Stay out of trouble. Don’t do drugs and don’t forget to use condoms. PROTECT yourselves.

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