African rising actor/writer/producer Ernest Napoleon was born in Moscow, Russia to a Tanzanian father and a Russian mother.
His first acting experience was in a Christmas play (New Year’s in the old Soviet Union) at the young age of 3.
His family moved to Tanzanian when he was 5 years old. Ernest was a very active child with elaborative plans his mother coined as “Napoleon plans” after Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military and political leader.
In Tanzania, Ernest did everything from working as a TV presenter for the largest TV station in East Africa at the time (EATV), to DJ-ing at one of the prominent nightclubs in Africa (Club Billicanas) to becoming a recording artist of a famous music genre in East Africa (Bongo Flava), going by the name of MC Napo.
As a teen, Ernest moved to Los Angeles to pursue a computer science degree and a career in films. In Los Angeles, he devoted his time to acting and writing classes for a period of 7 years. After helping friends and colleagues make their own short films and TV pilots, Ernest embarked on a journey to make his very own first feature film called Going Bongo.
In the film he plays the lead character, Dr. Berger, who happily lands a job at the prestigious Beverly Hills medical Centre in Los Angeles and is eager to impress his new boss. After attending a Gala arranged by his superiors, he “mistakenly” volunteers to work in Africa for a month at an under resourced hospital. Leaving his fiancĂ© and the life he knows behind, the American Doctor heads out to Tanzania to follow through with his promise.
Going Bongo is now the first international film made by a Tanzanian and the first ever East African film to be accepted by iTunes. Ernest produced, co-wrote and acted in the film.
He is currently writing and developing new projects and will play a lead character in “From Freetown” directed by Antony Szeto (Jackie Chan Presents Wushu) to be released in January 2016.
D Street Media Group is a privately backed media company and the holding company for D Street Releasing, D Street Pictures, D Street Medienvertrieb, GmbH Germany, Americine, SRL Argentina, D Street South Africa and the newly formed DSNC LTD in London, England.

The company was founded in 2003 to address a growing need for a truly independent film company that embraces world cinema, American independent voices and Hollywood respectfully. A company that produce and distributes international film successfully in the United States, as well as providing international producers a home for their movies to take advantage of the most successful film market in the world.

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